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March 18 2011

11 Shows That Were Cancelled Too Soon. Obviously, our favourite example is included.

Recently, star Nathan Fillion and fans banded together to raise funds to buy the rights to the [Firefly] series, but Whedon's office tweeted in March that they would not revive the show, no matter what.

Wow, that's an average of one factual error per clause. You'd think the digital paper trail of Nathan tweeting "It's beautiful to dream of more Firefly, but PLEASE DON'T SEND ANY MONEY" and Maurissa Tancharoen tweeting "Guys, no one in the Whedonverse is in support of Please save your money!" would lead to some accuracy.

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I guess this is how fan legends get started. Is there a Firefly entry on Snopes?
@eddy A blog just on errors, lies, and exaggerations about TV shows and movies would require a staff larger than the literate population of humanity.
What a fount of misinformation That was! They're making us (Browncoats) look even crazier than we already are.
Colombo? It was on for 7 years. And Baywatch hardly belongs on this list.
It's making me wonder how many mistakes they wrote about the other shows.

According to IMDB, Columbo was on for thirteen years. Tiny little seasons (wasn't it part of Mystery Movie?) but thirteen years.

His name was Frank?

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I'm annoyed that the "Freaks and Geeks" entry didn't mention Jason Segel and Busy Phillips, yet mentioned Seth Rogen and James Franco. Practically every main character on that show went on to better things - Jason with films and "HIMYM," Busy with "Cougar Town," Linda Cardellini with "ER" and the "Scooby Doo" movies and JFD with "Bones." Those actors are far better than Seth and James.

And yeah, Baywatch...kinda aired 242 episodes..doesn't belong there.
Hmm. 'Columbo' is renowned for never revealing the character's first name so that's not just a mistake, it makes you wonder if they've even seen the show (later episodes played with it, at least once when he's asked directly he gives his first name as "Lieutenant" ;).

Pretty poor all in all, wish I could take my page-hit back.
There are SO many factual errors in this article.

I loved Sports Night and wish it could have continued. But cancellation didn't sign it's death warrant. Sorkin had offers to continue it on several other networks, but he CHOSE to abandon it to pursue The West Wing.

That's why I usually don't read this type of article. Plus, it's sort of an empty exercise, examining what might have been if only ...
I love me some Jason Segel, but I wouldn't say that he or the others are "better than" Seth Rogen or James Franco. Those two have definitely had the most commercial success. I put Seth, Jason, and Franco all in the same boat, as far as skill goes. A super talented boat that I'd love to sail on.
Sports Night and Arrested Development were both absolutely brilliant (and two of my all time favourite shows). They hold up on every rewatch. I'd kill for more (annoying mosquitoes that is), but I'm quite happy with the shows as they are (which is damn close to perfection).
Suggestion: Drop "Baywatch" and replace with either Terriers or Brimstone.
If I remember correctly, Columbo's ID card was shown on two different episodes, with the name on the card being Frank.
I've been looking around after reading the article (because why 'Frank' ? The only other contender i'd heard previously was 'Philip') and there's a site with caps of his ID. Indistinct though it is, that does look a lot like 'Frank' but the thing is, the surname doesn't look a lot like 'Columbo' (to me anyway), it looks more like it starts with an 'N'. So my theory is, that's not his signature, that's the Chief of Police or whoever is most likely to sign a detective's warrant card.

(I also found out from that site that the whole thing about 'Philip' being the first name used in the play that the original was based on which i've thought for years is genuine information is actually rubbish, some guy made it up to try to protect his copyright on a book of trivia)
There's a much better cap on the Wikipedia page here.
Yep, much better, cheers for that. Beautiful theory/ugly fact interface scenario, boo ! ;). That pretty much settles it then (provided every time we see his ID it's the same name). Clearly a show made in a time before people did things like freeze framing TV programmes to find out stuff (otherwise presumably they'd never have made such a big deal of not revealing his first name when they actually already had).

I hereby retract my criticism of the article for that (they still make a lot of other mistakes right enough).
why mention wonderfalls and not mention pushing daisies or dead like me? where's veronica mars and party down? studio 60?
this article sucks.
"nathan and fans"? sorry, it really sucks.
No "Veronica Mars" makes this list a loser.
I love several of the shows listed and could easily name off dozens more that I would have loved to have seen, but strangely enough, I actually do like the inclusion of Baywatch. Please let me explain.

Baywatch was canceled after it's first Season due to poor ratings, just like Firefly and Wonderfalls and so many others, but Baywatch was given a chance to come back and it actually, unquestionably, inarguably, succeeded. It proved that it's not always the show, it can be the Network or the ad campaign or the time slot or something else. When we argue that if Fox had handled Firefly or so many other shows differently and things might have gone better then we can point to examples like this as proof that different circumstances could have resulted in a better outcome. No guarantee that things would have gone better, but it's evidence to argue for the possibility. And Baywatch is a perfect example because no one can argue that under the right conditions it wasn't a success.
Any list of shows cancelled too ealy that omits Profit, Space: Above And Beyond, The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr, Point Pleasant, and of course Dollhouse, is crap. End of story.
Definitely agree about Dollhouse SennHarry, also T:TSCC.
Police Squad didn't really work as a TV show. If it hadn't been cancelled so "prematurely", there'd be no Naked Gun films, and what an inferior world that would be.
Any list of shows cancelled too ealy that omits Profit, Space: Above And Beyond, The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr, Point Pleasant, and of course Dollhouse, is crap. End of story.

Not to mention VR.5, which - like S:AAB - was cancelled without letting the story end (in the case of VR.5, it had barely just gotten started...)

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