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March 18 2011

Nathan Fillion talks about the fan campaign to resurrect Firefly. He shares his thoughts on the response to his lottery remarks.

Not to blow smoke up his ass, but Nathan Fillion? Classy guy. I'd cast him in everything.
Endlessly classy.
Yep, the guy is indeed not short of class.
Joss had a dream they were doing Firefly again. With the radiation from Japan heading over to California, wouldn't doing another season be the way to go out, if us Californians are all checking out early?
I don't think Nathan has any concept of what happened at that FB site and resulting website, because fanaticism is surely part of what went on. The Cortex, at least, seems positive, and yes, loving. Haven't been able to go over since shortly after they started it due to dealing w/health issues and many doctor appointments and other unpleasant stuff but I'm very glad it's there, keeping the love alive.
I guess he means it was born out of love, Tonya J, at least that's how I read it.
Awesome and classy.

Butler-If that was a joke, it was in poor taste.
Nathan Fillion is made of awesome.
He's impossible not to like.
I really hope it was like that and Firefly reminiscing in interviews hasn't just developed its own mythology on the shows production. Sometimes it feels like it has, to me anyway.
My recollection of how they talked about it at the time and immediately after is pretty much exactly the way they talk about it today.
menimegirl, I was speaking from a Californian perspective. The mentality has been very ambivalent here with the mixed messages on the situation. Needless to say, I think many of us have a repressed level of stress in the situation. yes, my comment was a joke, but it also contained the power of what exists in our consciousness as Californians. You may not have understood.
Butler, this Californian has never had a second of stress over the radiation. I've flown over the Pacific. It's really vast. :)
Butler -- as a fellow Californian. I didn't find it particularly funny. OTOH, to quote the late great Tom leher: "Well, we'll all go together when we go."

Which is about as much stress as I put into it -- ie, none.
Butler, I'm not even going to get into how very little you must know about radiation, or about the nuclear situation going on.

I just got into it.

But I won't after this, I swear.
But jeez, the people posting those nasty comments over at that EW post can bite my hiney!

Browncoat-haters. I think they're jealous.
Waterkeeper, you don't have to be condescending and presumptuous. I know that I have been fed mixed messages from various media reports, and although I am not overly concerned on it, I always keep my 'what if i'm wrong for doubting' consciousness. Others in my area have expressed the same.

menime and Betnoir, sorry, I didn't mean to make you all uncomfortable with my post. I should have worded it differently. Like, it would be nice if Joss's Firefly stories continued.

I also have a 3 month old baby, which might explain why this has surfaced into my discourse.

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Don't worry Butler - irony isn't (quite) dead (yet) in the U.S. of A.
Off topic here, but I have to say:

Tonya J: I hope you get all the nasty doctor stuff behind you and get well soon.

Re: Radiation- People are understandably concerned about possible radiation exposure and wondering if they need to protect themselves and how to do it. If you're not allergic to it, potassium iodide can protect your thyroid gland. It's getting scarce but you still might be able to find it. But that's not all you can do.

Miso might help protect the entire body from radiation damage. The Japanese consume a lot of miso and it's believed that is the reason why so many survived the radiation after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. You can usually buy it at a health food store or oriental market. To make miso, stir a spoonful into a cup or bowl of very hot, but not boiling, water and drink it every day.

Now back on topic: Our Captain is indeed a mensch!

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This thread started with Nathan Fillion's classiness and now we're onto radiation and the possible protective powers of miso soup - whedonesque is awesome that way!

Butler I'm a firm believer that no comment / joke can be held against someone with a three-month old baby (says the woman due with #2 next week...). I don't think you need to worry about radiation from Japan, and good luck!

It has always sounded to me that there was a truly incredible level of love and joy for everyone involved in the making of Firefly. And yeah, Nathan Fillion, very classy. Did someone say that already?
I love my Captain (I know I've said that in a lot of posts, it is always true). And Nathan is right, it would take VERY deep pockets to resurrect Firefly, but I'm happy that Joss still has dreams about it.

BTW I think that Butler has the right to make an unfunny joke (personally I think black humor is healthy), heaven knows people make weak jokes here at Whedonesque all the time. Browncoats have a right (IMO)!
Understandably, the Firefly fandom - the Browncoats - have in many ways been a faith-based fandom, and faith, like love, can make you do the wacky. I think this was a faith-based campaign that arose from what was initially a joking, loving response to Nathan's original lottery remark.

And faith, like love: well, not so much known for the rational thinking.

That was sweet of Nathan... and that dream of Joss' - well, it kinda gets me, right here. There may or may not be something in my eye.

ETF: typos

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Love is what keeps us in the air, hoping for more, when we oughta fall down.
...heaven knows people make weak jokes here at Whedonesque all the time.

Hey, i'm sitting right here !


These kinds of radiation clouds used to happen back in the 50s and 60s, when nuclear testing still took place willy nilly so they're not the end of the world, not saying they don't have a negative health effect but it's not gonna be big (or even measurable i'd bet). And Europe was obviously hit hard after Chernobyl and we're still here and largely unaffec\dguuhi!!!!!!"%%$$ed (two heads are better than one right ? ;). Be aware too that taking Potassium Iodide isn't an entirely health neutral act either, particularly for certain groups (if you can get some then buy it assuming you can afford it but don't take it until told to do so). Miso on the other hand is, AFAIK, harmless may be beneficial and is definitely delicious, particularly in soup ;).

(says the woman due with #2 next week...)

Congratulations catherine (and Mr catherine ;), all the best with that. I guess you're gonna need giraffe reinforcements ? ;)
Wait, what... congrats there, catherine! :). That's so cool.

Re: radiation. I wouldn't worry. I wouldn't even worry if I was in Japan - apart from the direct surroundings of the nuclear reactor. The amount of extra radiation you're likely to get out of Japan probably isn't even measurable and will probably be lower than you'd get during a transatlantic flight.

The international coverage (with a few exceptions) over the nuclear problems in Japan has been an embarrassment (at least, it has to me, as a science reporter) - it's panicky, fueled by fear of the unknown and lacking in facts.

What's more, it has pushed what has been one of the worst natural disasters in quite some time out of the news stream. This is especially noteworthy as the damage (in all forms) and loss of life from the earthquake and tsunami doesn't even rate on the same scale as even the worst case scenarios imaginable from problems in the reactors in Japan.

The result of all this, is people being scared - even all the way over in the US. It's a journalism system-fail. As far as I know, there's absolutely no need for anyone outside Japan to take precautionary measures - especially not ones that might have ill effects on your health.
I read some of the comments attached to the article. Wow, "mainstream people" can be really mean. They were insulting browncoat fans in general and even one disabled browncoat in particular who dared to make a comment.

I'm just glad we browncoats are better people than that. It makes me proud. :-)

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My Browncoat friends were manning a table at the Comic Con mentioned about in the Julie Benz article, promoting the screening and raising donations with a dress-up trunk. I was Dr. Horrible!

Browncoats are good people.
Never read the comments. Especially if you're on IMDB or YouTube.
The amount of extra radiation you're likely to get out of Japan probably isn't even measurable and will probably be lower than you'd get during a transatlantic flight.

You get radiation on airplanes? Why and how? (*panics* then *unpanics*) They should serve miso soup!!

And yeah I don't read comments anywhere but here because whenever I do I get horribly depressed about humanity and have to remind myself that these are fringey weirdos who write horrible things about others on-line and not representative of our species in general.

I guess you're gonna need giraffe reinforcements ? ;)

The poor giraffe has actually been unemployed since her position was ruthlessly taken over by a musical bunny, who remains the clear favorite of the current management. So I imagine she will be glad to have regular work again.


Nathan Fillion - do you guys agree that he's classy? ;)
Here's a handy chart showing various radiation amounts. And another.

As you can see in the first chart, even Nathan Fillion emits radiation. His is probably inscrutably suave though.
Classy, classy guy. I have to admit it warmed my heart that Joss would dream of Firefly still. Made my evening.
So good to see Nathan featured on EW...he certainly deserves it and his success on Castle is wonderful. :)
The international coverage (with a few exceptions) over the nuclear problems in Japan has been an embarrassment (at least, it has to me, as a science reporter) - it's panicky, fueled by fear of the unknown and lacking in facts.

Yeah it's been pretty sensationalist. I often get this feeling when disasters strike but this time it's been worse, the impression that news agencies are sort of revelling in it, solemn on the outside but secretly rubbing their hands at the "perfect storm" of potentially really scary stuff they can milk (Earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown ? Trifecta !).

His is probably inscrutably suave though.

It's true, even his radiation is classy. Sure, it may ionise molecules of your DNA but it's always polite and thoughtful while it does so.

So I imagine she will be glad to have regular work again.

She wants to consider union representation I reckon. Those damn musical bunnies are into everything.
@Tonya J-

Thank you for the kind words; I both started and am an administrator over on the Cortex. We're doing out best! :)
Sorry for the double post, but I should add that this article is why Nathan Fillion is the man. No other way to say it.

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