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March 18 2011

Outlook Portland interviews Zack Whedon. Way back in December, the show talked to Zack, then posted to YouTube in January. Apparently we all missed it. Link goes to Part One. (Part Two, Part Three, Part Four.)

FWIW, part one is about how he got started in the industry and Deadwood. Part two is Dr. Horrible, including the tantalizing remark, ""Jed and Maurissa wrote a song that is so good that just based on that we have to make a sequel." (And also the reiteration that no sequel is imminent, obviously.) Part three is about the Whedon clan, writing influences, and being a writer. Part four is about comics.
I really liked the interview, but found the host a bit... irritating, Shouldn't complain though since he really knew his stuff.
That is a wonderful interview, and I'm definitely onboard with wanting to read any original comics written by Zack Whedon (and kudos to Dark Horse for giving him the opportunity!).

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