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March 18 2011

Tamara Taylor talks David Boreanaz and Nathan Fillion. She's starred on Bones AND Serenity.

In case people want to know so they don't have to look it up like I did, she played River's teacher in the opening/a minute in the middle of Serenity.
I wouldn't be able to pick between them either... :)
I didn't know that they may have a Bones spinoff!!??!!
It's not a really spinoff. It's more of a show pilot randomly inserted into an episode of 'Bones'. That of course means its set in the same universe so there might be crossover potential but that's about it. This is no 'Angel' or 'Private Practice'.
I stopped keeping track but weren't there are least seven right feet along the coast of WA and Canada?

Anyway, she seems pretty charming, I know that in some cases actors and the like are too busy to really delve into the back catalogue of their co-stars.

What is with all the Nathan Fillion questions though? Has she ever worked with him in anything or actually know him personally? I assumed Serenity wouldn't count since none of her scenes were with the lead cast.
I guess she'd know him from stuff like the premiere, screenings and so on ? Or even though they don't share a scene, maybe her bit was filmed near where the main cast were filming ?

Kinda losing patience with a lot of aspects of 'Bones' but I still ♥ Cam and I still ♥ Tamara Taylor, she seems funny and charming in interview (and she ain't exactly hard to look at either ;).
It actually is quite like Private Practice as far as I understand. It's called a 'backdoor pilot', when an episode of one series shows the possible start of another series. Okay, I didn't explain that well but at the end of Grey's Anatomy S3 Addison went to L.A. and they introduced most of the cast of PP in that episode to see if an Addison spin off could work and give the necessary backstory.
It's the same here. Booth knows a guy, the guy needs help so off B&B go, as far as I know. If it's succesful the guy (The Finder) gets his own show.

Anyway, I think it's adorable that Tamara calls him D. I don't why, it just is. Maybe they asked her about Nathan because of Serenity and they're both Canadian. Don't really know.
And I donít think anyone ever saw Angel being goofy.

I was going to suggest that someone send her the 1st season clip of Angel imagining dancing at a party. But only if the rest of "She" is cut out. *shudder*
The difference is that Addison was introduced in season one and had a full two seasons after of becoming a character before 'PP'. In this, the guy is literally introduced and then assumed to get a show. I doubt he'll be much of a reoccuring character. It's a separate show just randomly taking place in a 'Bones' episode.
Sounds like what they did with Law & Order: LA - they had an episode of SVU where Olivia went all over the country talking to different cops about similar cases, and one of them was Skeet Ulrich's character. (I think he even came to NY to help wrap up the case.) Then L&O:LA premiered either that night or the next.

Ok, so...Tamara was in Serenity. Didn't someone say TJ Thyne was on Angel?
TJ was in 5.1 Conviction, 5.5 Life of the Party and 5.12 You're Welcome.

Okay, I get your point Jaymii, I concide that The Finder fits more with the CSIs and L&O LA spin offs, but wikipedia (I know, I know) has PP among series that started with a backdoor pilot, so they are similar in that way (assuming The Finder even gets to series). Both have backdoor pilots is all I'm saying.
She does seem immensely charming, and someone who knows that her job is awesome.
I always thought David got to be goofy on AtS when Angel was being petty, like in S3 when the Groosalugg came back.
Oh, okay. Sorry. :)
No problem, Jaymii :)
Oh, c'mon that part in 'She' when Angel is describing the painting and ends it with, "oh, and he was a vampire" was kind of funny too, so 'She' had a couple moments. Also, Angel got to play goofy in the 'Shroud of Rahmon'. The episode wasn't great, but I loved the character Angel played in it. I always enjoyed when David was able to lighten up Angel a bit.

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