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March 18 2011

Michelle Trachtenberg cast in CBS Comedy Pilot . Michelle has been cast as the female lead in CBS' untitled Peter Knight comedy pilot set in a high-powered venture capital firm.

Michelle will play Gracie who is promoted out of the mailroom and into a junior associate position at the firm.

No word on how this impacts her other pilot which had got as far as a script order .

I believe her other pilot was aborted.
Good for Michelle. If this gets picked up and Sarah's does too, it will be fun to see Aly, Sarah & Michelle all on CBS shows at the same time.
Have my fingers crossed for her! Would love it if she and Sarah joined Alyson on CBS. Maybe there could be crossovers!!
Ooh, I'd love for her to do comedy. Sounds good enough to work too, and although I want it to go ahead those commenters seem to think it's pretty bad. Wonder if its single-cam.
I wish Michelle good luck with the pilot.

It would be cool to see the three of them together doing CBS promotional events in the summer.
Good luck Michelle :)

Was sweet she visited her "sis" on the Ringer set in NYC.
Mixed feelings.

I abhor pretty much everything on CBS except HIMYM and The Big Bang Theory. On the other hand, Ringer sounds decent and they have the Ronald D. Moore reboot of The Wild Wild West, and a couple of other pilots sound promising. And I have moderately enjoyed Hawaii Five-O. So CBS might finally be turning it around after a solid decade of shows I hated.

I guess I'll try it.

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