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March 19 2011

Simon Helberg on the chances of a Dr Horrible sequel. "All I know is that we’re all interested in making this".

Just saw an interview with Zach where he says they wrote a song that's so great they need to make a sequel just for that.
I'm guessing that part of the delay is the desire to include Joss in this. Honestly, I don't see how he is going to have time for anything other than Avengers. And even when the first film comes out he'll likely start to work on the second.
He's not signed for the Avengers sequel (if there is one), Njal. (Yet?). I'm not entire sure joss would make another Avengers. I imagine him being pretty exhausted by it a couple of years from now. And, ya know the perfect fun fix for that creative grind? It's called bein' Horrible.
I've had "Nobody Wants to be Moist" stuck in my head all day, and then this headline? Clearly, we need a sequel so I can get a new set of "Horrible" tunes rattling around up here.

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