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March 20 2011

ECCC 2011: MTV video interview with Scott Allie on Buffy Season 9. He says Joss is more involved then originally planned for season 9.


Joss is heavily involved. Dark Horse was prepared to have limited Joss involvment in season 9. They were trying to figure out the logistics of keeping Joss happy but not make huge demands on his time. But Joss said, what happens to Buffy is too important to him and he wants to be directly involved and writing for season 9. Writing for Buffy is a release for Joss with all the pressure he's under right now(with The Avengers).

This sounds great! I think it's been clear all these years that Buffy is Whedon's "release," but to hear someone say it really makes me excited for season 9.

I liked season 8, but I feel that its flaws are due to it being a "beta" of sorts for telling a "season" of Buffy in the comic book medium. Things are gonna improve, I think.
Yes! Joss is committed to Buffy. He's committy (but not committee).
Season eight was great, but with this assurance of Joss' guidance, I'm anticipating that season nine will be better. I'm looking forward to it. Good post.

Of course, it's also another indication that work on a DrH sequel might be further delayed. Oh, well. "You can't have everything. Where would you put it?" - Steven Wright
I love how much he loves that character. His relationship with her reminds of the story of Norman Lear killing off Edith Bunker in All in the Family. He was telling Jean Stapleton about the plans to kill Edith because Jean wanted to move on from the show and he was getting quite emotional about it. Jean said something like, "She's just a fictional character. She's not real." And he responded, "She is to me."

That's how I think Joss views Buffy. She is real to him. And probably to many of us.
That's great news. I probably wouldn't have bothered with season 8 if it hadn't of involved Joss and the same is most likely to be true with season 9.

As for quality of Season 8, I've enjoyed what I've read so far, but it has been a little hit and miss. Only half way through at this time, but will probably be buying the back half in one go, once the final collection is released. I've heard a few bits and pieces about the direction things take and I am a little weary about how well it can be pulled off, but I'll wait until I've actually read it before praising or condemning.
Yea. I need the final collection released at this point. Have been sitting around waiting for the end! (And have not been spoiled.)

I have decided I need to subscribe to something for season 9. I would like to participate in the discussions and I never have been able to.

And yes, agreed, I would have not read season 8 if it had not involved Joss.
Glad to hear. I was very worried, if Joss was gonna be not as involved.
Of course, it's also another indication that work on a DrH sequel might be further delayed.

I don't see how. Most of his work is The Avengers right now, that's the time sink. Buffy S9 is his "release" from that, and will be happening concurrently.
as far as the angel comic goes, does anyone else hope to see fred resurface? in angel after the fall they fooled you into thinking her and illyria were struggling over the body but then turned out to be false. basically every fan favorite character was killed ex (cordelia, wesley, fred, doyle) so i have hopes that some how fred will return.

sorry for my mini rant-
(ive been having an angel marathon and want fred back)
Ugh. Joss or no Joss, I'm going to try to self-impose a ban on Season 9 given the atrocity that was Season 8. I was kind of hoping he'd be out of it a bit more because of the Avengers so I'd have less reason to associate these abominations with the shows I like so much. Sigh.
Right, because one hit-and-miss season means the next season is going to be just as or much worse.

Season 4 of Buffy was full of flaws (Riley, The Initiative, Adam) but it led to the amazing season 5 (which still had flaws like everything else, but it was a major improvement, at least for me). I just gotta say, don't knock it until you try it.

I think it's fair to say that season 9 will be much different from season 8. The integrated Angel cast, for one, speaks to these differences, as does the lowered issue count, the re-focusing on character interaction, and the various mini-series we're told are coming.
Season 8 I think works wonderfully as an entire piece read/watched all together. There were mishaps, but still, it has taken our Scoobies in very interesting places and made for some great scenes, imo. That said, I think this has to be seen through a Buffy Season 1 lens of sorts. Just as in 1996: Joss, the writers and the cast/artists were working out what to do. The storyarc might have lasted four years, but it's still the first season of Buffy - in comic form.
Didn't think this was worth starting a new thread but Georges Jeanty on twitter revealed that he has finished drawing a 8 page online Spike story for Dark Horse.

and Wenxina at Slayalive has revealed that this online story is written by Jane Espenson.
I can't watch it in Australia. What does he say?

That's great about the Spike story! Love Jane Espenson and I love Spike, great thing to tide us over.
Awesome news, i'm super glad that Joss will still be heavily involved with season 9. Do we have a date for when we'll get to see this online Spike story?

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When does IDW wrap up all their stuff? I doubt we'll see anything before then.

Most awesomest of it? The online thinghie: I won't have to wait 2 weeks till I'll read it. Instant gratification of some kind (could be pain, I'm not completely blind). But, yeah, still awesome.
Vergil,no date on the online Spike story yet.

Kaan,the IDW books wrap in May.Spike #8 of 8 and The Angel Yearbook both come out in May.
Thanks Buffyfantic!

@Kaan, I don't think Idw's comics have anything to do with DH's comics. Idw are telling their stories and DH will (thankfully) write their own stories.

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