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March 20 2011

Julie Benz Talks Buffy, Angel, Dexter, No Ordinary Family. TV Addict has coverage from Toronto Comic Con 2011.

She was lovely!

Had a great time at the con.
She's always really nice in interview, hopefully if 'No Ordinary Family' goes (as seems likely) she'll find something else straightaway (or the pilot she's doing will get picked up).

And glad to hear she felt better off being told late about Rita, I was a bit ambivalent about that at the time because it seemed like they could've treated her a bit better (at the time it sounded like she was among the last to know which on the face of it is a bit off).
I tried following this link, but was immediately hit with a virus thingy trying to hi-jack my computer with a faux virus alert that didn't want to go away. I'm not savvy enough to know whether it was an accident that it occurred at this link or not, but I wanted to mention it, just in case.
Hmm, no problems here (Firefox 3.6.13). Though I do have pop-ups turned off.
I have explorer, and no pop-ups. What popped up anyways was one of those fake warning boxes that alerted me that something was wrong. Tried to close it, but then it appeared to access and scan my hard drive. It was creepy for a minute or two, I tell ya.
Did you tried some proxy site,like ?
Sometimes those things do a lot of help, whith blocked pages to school, work or country.
And yeah, IE s***s :(
Wow, it ousnded so good, I never dreamed she was so un-comfy singing. Kills my fantasy of two night 3hour musical biography of Billy Rose starring Danny Strong with AMber as FannyBrice, Julie as Eleanor Holm, and MErcedes as Joyce Matthews.

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