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March 20 2011

Dollhouse C2E2 Q&A Panel. A mini-Dollhouse reunion went down with Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett at the Chicago C2E2 comicon.

Link should work now. Did this from a mobile device and didn't think to make sure the link took you to the site proper and not the mobile version for computer browsers.

Also the interview is in two parts.
Gotta love that Eliza isn't all bitter and tells it like it is.
Oh, Chris Hardwick, I do love you so.

Earlier in the week, he said that this panel was going to double as a Nerdist podcast soon. So definitely keep an eye on!

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I'm scared to watch a audience recorded version with audio problems if a nice and relatively clear The Nerdist is on the way. Hopefully he puts it up soon.
Kinda OT, and since that is a video I can't watch it at work so have no clue if this is even addressed in there and thus on topic, but I was reading today that there is going to be a sequel to True Lies. That was the movie Eliza was in as Arnold Schwarzenegger's (spelling???) daughter, right?

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