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March 21 2011

BBC extends Merlin's fourth series. The fantasy series, which stars Anthony Stewart Head, has been given an extra three episodes for season four. This brings the total to 13 episodes, like the previous seasons.

Now hopefully they won't love using the reset button as much as they have.
yay! More Uther!
Sigh. Some day I'll find the first three seasons in a half-price store so I can get caught up. I saw the first season when it aired on NBC, but haven't seen anything since then since I don't have cable or dish.

But it's good to see the show's popular enough to keep it going. I know Tony loves playing Uther - he gets to be evil (Something he relishes) and he gets to "play knights for grown-ups."

Plus? Dead sexy in armor. I'm just sayin'.
If you can post on an online board, you can watch every tv program made by man. Just sayin'.
The first 2 seasons of Merlin are available on Netflix Streaming. Season 3 hasn't been released in the USA yet.

(And my Netflix queue does not show the Whedon shows disappearing on April 1st, as reported. Maybe they cut a deal.)
Hmm, just checked Netflix and it says season two is "DVD" only. Had me all excited because I've been trying to catch up with the repeats that have been airing on Sci-fi but would have been better to have them all ready to view!

Oh, and how is it possible that ASH gets more sexy, and more handsome the older he gets? I love him as Uther, and yeah, he looks hot in the armor!!
@Firefly Flanatic: The first two seasons are also available on Hulu.

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