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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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March 21 2011

Serenity vs. ET on io9 March Movie Madness. I09 is taking votes for the best SCIFI movie of all time. Serenity is up against ET in this round.

Akria beat Moon? Donnie Darko out? That's a bit shocking. I'm also disappointed Minority Report, Sunshine, and Starship Troopers are out so soon, but less shocking considering who it was up against.
Oh man...Spielberg vs. Whedon?! You have to make me choose?! Crap...

This just shows how crap these kind of contests are, they're pointless really.
I don't think they're "crap." You're not supposed to take them seriously, they're just meant to entertain.
It's more like they make me want to bang my head against my old vcr. I can't choose between a favorite at 40 and a favorite at 11? How can I do that? I even had a little wind up ET that had a little painted glowy heart. Sigh....

Another tough choice for this child of the 80s -- Blade Runner vs Ghostbusters.

I have to skip this one for my sanity.
The original The Day The Earth Stood Still is getting trounced. That is soooo not right.
The original The Day The Earth Stood Still is getting trounced. That is soooo not right.
TDBrown | March 21, 23:11 CET

But by District 9, so I think .... very right.

Different strokes though, any of the Star wars movies beating The Matrix is to me, so very wrong.
Hah! Metropolis is losing to Jurassic Park. Yea... I don't really care who wins this tourney after that. That's just silly.

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