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March 21 2011

Neil Patrick Harris and Christina Hendricks join Philharmonic's 'Company'. Paraphrased from the article: NPH will play perennially single protagonist, Robert. And also joining these "Company" performances which will run from April 7 through 9, is Christina Hendricks who will play the air-headed flight attendant, April.

Ooh! NPH singing "Being Alive." That will be awesome.
I wish I lived in NYC.
Very jealous! I've always thought Company was relatively underrated compared to Sondheim's other works.

And I completely misread the tags and thought that one of them was "in a play, dammit" which made me giggle.
So excited! This cast looks pretty epic. Really hope this is released as a CD afterwards like Sweeney and Candide @ The Philharmonic were!
Hard to imagine on the one hand Christina doing April, but also on the other, it's delicious she'll be doing it with NPH:

Bobby: Yes, you're a very special girl, June.
April: April.
Bobby: April.
April: Thank you.


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Hmm. Maybe not getting picked for the NASA tweetup was a good thing. I love any excuse to go to the city...
Yes, one of many times over the past few years that not living in NYC has thwarted my attempts to be a stellar Sondheim fan.
Tickets are going FAST. Will be there with empty pockets :)
And Katie too! That's a heck of a cast. Wish I were there.
I know. Why can't they do pay-per-view or something?!
AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Too be independently wealthy...or wealthy at all. I want to see this so badly, but there is no way that I have that kind of money. I have always had a fondness for Company and this cast sounds amazing. (whimper)

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