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March 22 2011

Which comedy should Syfy greenlight? Io9 is running a poll regarding which SyFy comedy should get a greenlight. "Three Inches" is leading the polling, so far. Besides starring Marsters, it looks like a clever premise :)

Even seeing that it's SyFy, I voted for Three Inches. I like the idea of an inept bunch of superheroes banded together. It might be riding on the backs of Super and Kick-Ass, but I need something to get the taste of Heroes out of my mouth. And James is simply marvelous at comedy - drama is easy compared to that.
They should do all three, they all sound like they could be fun. They could add one and make a night out of it, although more likely they'll only pick two up so they can have an hour

Lee & Me has the most interesting premise, to me, but Marsters being part of Three Inches makes me more then willing to give it a try.

In the Dark is probably the most "iffy" concept for me, because it sounds like a story about people running around being bad at what they're doing, which is a premise that can get old quick if not handled carefully.
I'm kind of like the idea of all of them, but shows these are comedies so I hope they simply choose the funniest one. Dramas may live or die by their premise, but I think half-hours are much more flexible with that stuff. Hope it works out well for them too, especially the Three Inches people after that rejigging.
I think that choice #1 sounds like a cut rate version of 'Supernatural' and #3 sounds like a remake of 'Bionic Man' (and we know how well the remake of 'Bionic Woman worked out), so I voted for 'Three Inches' which sounds more original and interesting than any of the others.... Of course the bottom line is who is going to be writing it and whether they can make it something really worthwhile.
Well, the whole point of #3 is to joke on the Six Million Dollar Man; that's why it actually stars Lee Majors.

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Tonya J...if you want to wash away the stank of Heroes, I would have to suggest you hunt down the hilarious yet (very) dark British Comedy-Drama called Misfits. To quote teh Wiki, Misfits is "about a group of young offenders forced to work in a community service programme, where they attain supernatural powers after a strange electrical storm."
'Misfits' is great IMO (nut allergies FTW ! ;) but it's a fairly particular sort of humour, not everyone's thing.

Wasn't "Three Inches" an hour-long drama originally ? So it being retooled as a half-hour comedy may not work out too well. Sounds a lot like "Mystery Men: The Series" too though most things sound like something else, particularly in precis form.

That said, none of them exactly set my world alight and since "Three Inches" might have some original ideas (like if the "unspectacular" powers, rather than being treated as a joke, are used as an opportunity for some imaginative solutions to the problem of the week) and since it's got a pretty decent cast (as well as JM there's Stephanie Jacobsen from T:TSCC and BSG and Naoko Mori from 'Torchwood') i'd go for that one (though I guess just because those actors were in the pilot doesn't mean they'll be in the series and JM isn't the main character so his may only be a guest or recurring role ETA: Nope, further googling tells me he's a regular[/ETA]).

More importantly, thanks to io9 redirection I now know they're making 'Good Omens' into a mini-series and seemingly making a police procedural with the Ankh-Morpork City Watch ?! Huzzah ! (it's an ambivalent huzzah cos both are eminently fuckupable but a huzzah nonetheless ;)

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mangydog, many thanks!

ETA: Rats, Netflix apparently doesn't let you suggest titles anymore, thus no legal way to watch this unless BBC America throws us a bone.

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JM would be a regular if "Three Inches" goes to series. I'd watch it, but I sure hope they change the title - to me, "Three Inches" sounds like unfortunate pornography ...
Oh that's deliberate surely ?

I anticipate a few "Three inches is plenty, it's all how you use it" type jokes in the pilot (or 'jokes' at least ;).
Cool news about the Pratchett (and Pratchett & Gaiman) series!

I think the concept of "Three Inches" sounds quite promising. I quite like the superhero genre but hate the 'overpowered' superheroes and villians that tend to show up, 'smaller' powers tend to make things more interesting. Hope it gets made!

Oh, and I was pleasantly suprised by Misfits too (though I haven't had time to see s2 yet, though I really want to make some as I still don't know how the cliffhanger got resolved.)
Another thumbs up for Misfits here. The actors/characters are great, and I just about died laughing at the Christmas special (and how many Christmas specials do that for you?)
Yeah it was good stuff. A very traditional Christmas story with maybe a slight spin. Ahem ;).

...thus no legal way to watch this unless BBC America throws us a bone.

The DVDs are available Tonya J. Not sure it'd make it to BBC America without being heavily cut, what's their general policy on swearing ?

(cos 'Misfits' has a lot of swearing and if it went the show would suffer. A fair bit of the humour comes from entirely appropriate use of entirely inappropriate language)

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