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March 22 2011

Brad Meltzer on the Nerdist podcast. The author of the controversial "Twilight" arc from the Season 8 Buffy comics joins Chris Hardwick and company to discuss writing, the hardships of comedy and his show, "Decoded".

Contains strong adult language. NSFW.

I waited ten minutes for them to say something relevant, and then I hit my limit. Hated the Twilight arc, anyway, so I'm not too bummed about missing out on Meltzer's writing advice.
In my defense, I'm listening just now. :) The synopsis for the podcast says aspiring writers should listen. I was not a fan of the Twilight arc, either but that had nothing to do with Brad's talents as a writer.

ETA: They're talking writing, Buffy and Joss 15 minutes in.

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Good podcast in a general sense. There's no spoilers and nothing really Whedonesque worth mentioning. Stuff we've heard before. Meltzer's a plot guy and Joss is all about the characters. And the Buffy reboot blows. Thats about it.

I really liked the Twilight arc.

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