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March 23 2011

Julie Benz's Supanova appearance cancelled, Charisma Carpenter is set to take her place. Julie Benz has unfortunately had to cancel her Brisbane and Melbourne appearances due to work obligations in her new CBS pilot, as discussed here. A personal apology can be found on the page. Fear not though, as Charisma Carpenter has been called to replace her in the up-coming event, starting April 1st.

It's shame Julie Benz isn't coming but I'm sure Charisma Carpenter will be a great replacement. She was here last year for the Perth one and I got her to sign my Waiting in the Wings script comic book (along with Mark Lutz and Summer Glau because it was the only episode that all three were in). She thought the picture of her on the page I got her to sign barely looked like her but when I explained the signficance of the episode, she was utterly charming about it.

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