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March 23 2011

'What Nathan Fillion stole from the set of Firefly' by Jewel Staite. It's the latest installment of her Blastr blog.

Oh, that was hilarious! Gave me several much-needed laughs - I had to call in to work today because I'm trying to dig out after a winter storm dumped over 15" on us overnight.

"I'd say Dr. Beckett, but that would just make Paul cry again." Ha!
They were only there a few months! How do they have THAT MANY stories about it?!!!
Guess they filled their days with life and not their life with days ?

(or other, less boak inducing answer, it's not actually a story about her time on 'Firefly', it's a story about what she kept after the show ended)

Almost missed this, 'nother great, fun entry from Jewel. Her food blog's pretty cool too but i'm not really a big foodie (though i'm not like "It's just fuel" either) so it's not a must-read for me.

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