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March 23 2011

Eliza Dushku lands CBS pilot. According to her Facebook page: "It is with insanest excitement & awesomeness I get to finally fill you guys in: I've JUST landed a new CBS comedy pilot w/ my comic idol Mr. Damon Wayans! Stay tuned, there is a serious happy dance occurring at the moment ;) xx!"

Good for her, hope it gets picked up.
I wonder if she has been cast as his wife. That was one of the principal female roles yet to be cast.

ETA: This appears to be the pilot for "Herd Mentality" the CBS sitcom based on sports radio guy, Colin Cowherd. Damon Wayans was recently cast as Colin.

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IrrationaliTV is right (again). It's "HERD MENTALITY" for CBS. Also, "BIRD DOG", the pilot Eliza was going to be in and then left a few weeks later, has just been ditched by TNT before it got too far.
Deadline reports:

Eliza Dushku is set as the female lead opposite Damon Wayans in CBS' untitled sports radio show pilot. The multicamera comedy, from veteran writer-producers Bill Martin and Mike Schiff, is inspired by ESPN personality Colin Cowherd’s outspoken sports talk show. It centers on Nick (Wayans), an egotistical sports-radio host with a quick wit and cocky likability who is adored by his fans. Dushku will play Nick's radio cohort Casey, a fun, quick-witted gal, who is socially oblivious and pathologically blunt.
Love Damon Waynes, love Dushku. Will be checking this out. I'm a bit weary as we haven't seen much from Dushku in the comedy region, but I'm sure she will be awesome.
Sounds (potentially) very amusing. Congrats to her!
Cowherd? Really?!?! Ugh.

As much as I might want to check out a new Eliza Dushku project, I'll be skipping this one based on the subject matter.
Actually could see her transitioning into comedy very nicely, and she's got a good lead to follow in Wayans. As long as it resembles the real Colin Cowherd show as little as possible, could be a winner.
I can't see myself watching this. I don't care for three-camera sitcoms (though I make exceptions for HIMYM and Big Bang) in general and CBS comedies in particular (again, with those two exceptions). Finally, I really don't enjoy Damon Wayans.

Love Eliza, but I hope she drops out of this to join another project.
Pathologically blunt sounds like a good time to me. Eliza's got comic gifts.
Looks like Tony Head just got added to a NBC comedy pilot. Someone (not me) should do a list of Whedonverse peeps in pilots this year. Lots going on! Good luck to them all.
Doesn't interest me apart from Eliza but if it gets picked up i'll likely have at least a look just for her. I mean I watched the first episode of "Shit my Dad says" and if I can sit through that this should be a cinch.
Meh. Just Meh.
I like Dushku, don't get me wrong, but another Whedon alum who was known for being socially oblivious and pathologically blunt comes more immediately to mind: Emma Caulfield.
Yeah, Cowherd is mostly useless, but Eliza can make me watch just about anything. And I totally appreciate the casting of an African-American actor to play a role inspired by a white guy. It's about time stuff like that happened. I can't wait until it doesn't even occur to me as being out of the ordinary.

All that being said, Damon Wayans is somebody's comic idol? Really?

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