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March 23 2011

"Captain America: The First Avenger" trailer is released. Directed by Joe Johnston and boasts a script written Joss Whedon, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely and David Self.

I was hesitant after the Superbowl trailer but this looks fantastic.

Trailer looks excellent.
I am more than sufficiently geeked, especially knowing Joss did the polish.
That actually looks pretty decent. I haven't been too jazzed with what I've seen previously, so I'm pleasantly surprised to see this looks better then I expected.

Still WAY more excited for Thor, though.
Looks pretty cool.
I'll watch. Love the look of it too.
Wow I really wish this was coming before Thor.
Will Joss's name appear in the credits as one of the writers, or is he the invisible script doctor again?
I have a question for the Marvel experts. Does it look as if the "unexpected enemy" in this trailer is based on comics from the WWII era, a later Captain America comic, or something dreamt up just for this movie?
The slimmed down Chris Evans looks wrong to me. They still need to work on making him look real. It's the way his chin sort of tapers, and how close his eyes are to the side of his head. Could definitely be better.

I do know that Red Skull is an old Captain America villain and he is in this movie.
janef, if you are referring to The Red Skull, he has been Cap's archnemesis since Captain America #1.
Man, this looks so cool. I love the idea of a superhero movie that's also a period piece/war film.

What do you think the chance is that they will have Cap actually punch out Hitler, as a reference to that classic comic cover?

Come to think of it, is Bucky going to be in this film? I'm assuming not considering he would probably have been highlighted in the trailer if he was.
I'm not having a problem with how the pre-serum Evans looks so far.
Bucky is in the movie, Giles_314. Marvel has decided to make him older. I've read that he's in the trailer too but haven't taken the time to go through the trailer frame by frame yet.
Huh. Perhaps he is the guy telling Steve to leave towards the beginning.
I do notice Dum Dum Dugan in the trailer.
For those wondering, Bucky's the guy who tells Steve 'This isn't a back's war'. He appears in a few other moments, too...he's just to the left of Cap when he enters the warehouse in formation, gun and shield raised.
Looks fun.
Ooh very exciting! That's going on the 'must see' list.
As well as Bucky and Dum Dum, other Marvel characters who'll appear include Tony Starks dad and Union Jack, as well as the WW2 super hero team The Invaders.
They pulled The Invaders into this somewhere? Interesting.
In a word: awesome. Chris Evans pulls it off. Impressive.
Spectacular! This looks like the movie I have been waiting for. Cap has always been one of my fav heroes and I was thrilled when Evans was announced, such a great choice and with Joss in the writing mix... well it's simply tops on my list!

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