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March 23 2011

Anthony Head to reprise UK series role in the US. 'Free Agents' is a British comedy that is making its transition to the US market. Tony will play the same character as in the original.

I'll believe it when the show's been on the air for three weeks.

'cause otherwise I'll get all excited about Tony being back on US TV, then NBC will drop the show like it did Merlin.

Then again, they (inexplicably, imo) like "The Office," so maybe they'll keep this one around. With NBC you never know - they ended the original Law & Order, created Law & Order: LA, canceled it, and now it's "premiering" next month. I'm dizzy.

But isn't right now the time of the year they start talking up all the new shows, but many of them won't actually get made?
ShadowQuest. This is a pilot. All the networks will make a dozen or more pilots (NBC is making a LOT) and then only send 3-5 (depending on their needs) to series. Everything this time of year is just exciting speculation.
I had no interest in Eliza's new show, but I'll definitely check this out. I generally detest three camera sitcoms, but I similarly tend to love single camera comedies. Loved Enbom's work on VM and Party Down.

So, this could be a keeper.
They'll never let him be as magnificently filthy as he was in the UK version, alas!
I'll say it now before someone else gets a chance to, even though I've never seen the original and obviously haven't watched the US remake: OMG, the British version was SOOOOO MUCH better.
The British version was pants, it can only get better. :-)

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