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March 23 2011

And happy birthday to Alyson Hannigan. She turns 37 today.

As do I.

Happy Birthday to you both! :)
Cheers :). I think her daughter turns two today as well.
It's true. Mommy-daughter birthday buddies! Cute.
Happy Birthday to everyone!
Happy birthday to Alyson and her daughter!!

Oh and to my husband as well! ;)
Mother-daughter birthdays sound awesome. Cheers!
Happy Birthday, Alyson Hannigan, and way to prove you're a master of timing!
It's also Charisma's son, Donovan's birthday. Popular day. Big happy bithday to all three!!
37..? She doesn't age at all, does she?
Happy Birthday to everyone. :)
Happy Birthday to Simon,

and Alyson is 37?
Whoa. Looking good!
Not that 37 is old mind you. But I still think of Alyson as early twenties.
Happy Birthday to Alyson and everyone else!
Happy Birthday Simon, and to all assorted Whedonites.
Happy Double-barrell Birthday, Aly and Saty. (SLides Alexis soem ibuprofen -hey, my neurosurgeon won't let me take it anymore so it's not costing me anything- for his present-buying headache.)
vr5cran; woow, didn't know this was Donovan's b'day too.

eddy; As to age, well Aly's big smile dimples (they are *not* lines) didn't show much before S-5 BtVS nd they're even more obvious on HIMYM, but who, really, is going to care?
Happy birthday to Aly and everyone else!
She doesn't look at all 37.

The New York Post highlights this blessed event by showcasing Willow's best Buffy moment.

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Happy birthday, Aly! I hope you have a wonderful day with your beautiful family!
Happy Birthday to our favorite former witch!
Happy Birthday Alyson and Satyana!!!!! (and everyone else)
For the beautiful girl with a thousand faces, happy birthday, Alyson!

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