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March 24 2011

Joss Whedon's original lyric sheet for the Dr Horrible song "Everyone's A Hero". It's featured in the brand new Dr Horrible book (out in the UK this Friday and in the US on Tuesday). And thanks to Titan Books, we have 3 copies of the book to give away. Head over to this thread at to find out how you can win.

Wow, he's like Mozart and never uses an eraser!
The differences with the final are subtle (seems like it was borne almost fully-formed, unless there was a lot of trial and error in his head before he put it down to paper), but the final version of the lyrics is better.
Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if there are a couple other pages featuring scratchings-out, mistakes, etc. and this was the version he wrote when he felt like he had it all down in his head.

Or the man is perfect and I hate him for that :p
I think you may have to hate him, Jobo, because things are leaning a bit more toward the "perfect" end of the spectrum.

"Written By" interviewed Joss once, and in the write-up said:

Incredibly, Whedon continued his college method of writing in final drafts. Still does. When I write, I spend most of my time on my feet, and then when I know what it is I want to say, I sit down, he explains. I dont like to look at a computer screen and see a placeholder line; it will make it harder for me to write. He can also get stuck for days trying to think up a name. I need to know who that guy is, so I need the name, and it can kill me. Ive got this time blocked out to write, and I cant just say Mr. X. Its really debilitating.

I don't know that the page we see was necessarily the first written version of the song, but if his first drafts are also final drafts, I think it well could be.
He commented on that with the panel with JJ Abrams and JJ groaned because of it. Joss aims to write in the final form. I'm not sure if that stuff is applicable to songs though.
Oh, the things in his head! I can't even imagine what half-formed ideas might be in there, not even on a clipboard yet...

Thanks to both Titan and Whedonesque for the contest, no matter who wins. (Though of course I will ;)
I'm not sure if I need to know who that guy is, so I need the name, and it can kill me. Ive got this time blocked out to write, and I cant just say Mr. X. Its really debilitating.
is totally true, since Joss had changed name for characters (Glory/Eve) and named them in non-gender ways (Robin) to just later chose what would be the character's sex.
But to be fair, changing the name could just mean he later had a change of heart, and at the time of choosing the original name it seemed like the perfect one.

And I think Robin was just an experiment in being completely gender neutral with casting, rather than a situation where Joss couldn't make up his mind about male or female. But this is just how I interpreted his comments on the matter, obviously others may see it differently.
"Written By" interviewed Joss once, and in the write-up said:

Yeah he said the same thing in his "Write Environment" interview (well worth getting the DVD BTW). Apparently he goes over and over lines of dialogue in his head amending them as he goes then writes them down when he's happy with them (so plenty of "drafts" just not on paper).

If that were me i'd be terrified the phone would go or some sod from Porlock would turn up and drive the lines away but - to say the least - where Joss is concerned it seems to be working (maybe he just doesn't answer the door when he's writing ;).
Of course, Porlock is really long drive from West LA, so maybe he's just not worried about it.
Maybe he should name all of his characters "Pat" for added flexibility.

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