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March 24 2011

Amber Benson and the "Another Harvest Moon" cast talk about the film. An amazing cast, which includes Ernest Borgnine, Doris Roberts, Anne Meara, Richard Schiff, Piper Laurie, and our own Amber Benson, give us some insight into making the movie, "Another Harvest Moon," which hits theaters in April.

Amber pre-haircut.
What a fantastic cast! It's terrific that Amber (And young Cameron) get billing alongside such big names as Ernest Borgnine, Doris Roberts and Cybill Shepherd.

Doesn't look like a feel-good movie, though. Much as I love Amber, this isn't something I'd be able to watch - too personal for me.

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Yeah, the filming's been done for quite a long while now, but it finally found a distributor and will be coming out for public viewing soon.
I totally get that, ShadowQuest. I know the casting director, and so saw the film a while back at a screening. While it's definitely not "feel-good," per se, it is uplifting. But yeah, it chokes you up and doesn't always give you an opportunity to feel relieved.

Still though, what a wonderful film. Definitely worthy of the cast that populates it.

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