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March 24 2011

Willow's best moments. In honor of Alyson Hannigan's birthday, Jarett Wieselman at the New York Post discusses Willow's character arc and posts her most outstanding episode.

How coincidental! I just watched that last night, out of the blue. It is one of my faves, especially considering Willow's later character development foreshadowed by Vamp Willow (both the gay aspect and the Dark Willow "bored now").
I didn't know there was 145 episodes... :P
If you include the unaired pilot, there are 145 episodes.
... Touche. xD
There's actually 146 if you also count the unaired, unproduced one in my head (don't want to spoil it but let's just say Anya's right about bunnies).

And yep, Alyson Hannigan did a great job throughout, including as Vamp Willow. Most "extreme, dynamic and heartbreaking arc" i'm not sure about though (even just in the 7 seasons of Buffy i.e. excluding Wesley) because of Spike.
it's such a tiny - almost unimportant moment but one of the first things I think of whenever I think about Willow is the line from 'Gingerbread'
"A doodle. I do doodle. You, too. You do doodle, too."

but ofcourse yeah - DarkWillow really did save season 6 for me.
Well, even without the pilot, there's actually 146, if you include the lost second hours of "Primeval" and "Restless" . . . . . . . .

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