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March 24 2011

The Avengers has begun filming? Marvel CCO Joe Quesada says The Avengers has started shooting.

The interview was conducted at last weekend's C2E2 convention.

Gah beat me to this post! Well done though. Loved the interview, specially when he says after reading Joss script it'll be the quintessential superhero movie!
I'm so glad that Joss' script is getting such good buzz.(I really like how excited and fan-boyish Mr. Quesada sounds).

I wonder how different the final script will be to what everyone is reading now. (i.e. how much will change as Joss directs)

I wonder if as a director you feel more able to change things if you wrote it as well - but maybe it's less likely that you'll want to change it as it's your own vision you are directing rather than another writer's.

I hope we get some action pic's of Joss directing!
The script isn't really getting buzz. When the CCO of Marvel touts a Marvel project, it isn't buzz. And when James Gunn says some unspecified other people have supposedly read it and liked it, that's not really buzz either. Which isn't to say there won't be buzz when things start outing. But you can't really count anything we've heard so far as legitimate buzz. (IMHO disclaimer, et cetera, et cetera.)

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So it begins.
Well I'm feeling pretty buzzed! But maybe thats just the sleep depredation.

Wonder if that rumored teaser we are meant to see before Cap and Thor will happen?

So exciting!
I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna say this isn't important, and then I'm gonna say it anyway, and later I'm gonna look like a jackass when I'm utterly wrong...

It really doesn't matter I guess, but I'm pretty sure it has not started filming. I should be able to find easily enough and will go ahead and do so. Pretty sure they are still prepping the camera gear. If I'm correct, they are starting soon, so I guess I am just nitpicking.

Either way, pretty exciting, can't wait to see set photos and the like!

Watch me be wrong anyway...

There, I did it, I'm a dork, I apologize.
To be honest bobw1o, I kind of wondered about it when I saw this clip earlier today, which is why I didn't post it. This was shot last weekend, around about the time I remember someone online talking about location scouting. The exchange -- started by the interviewer, not started/announced by the interviewee -- sounded a bit like he was asked "filming" but answered as if the question were "in production".

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Yeah, I'm not sure this is actually, ya know, true.

PS: script is under non-disclosure agreements.

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I've tweaked the entry to make it more ambiguous and alluring.
Worked a treat too, I was totally uninterested until I saw the question mark and then its innate air of mystery reeled me in.
I think this qualifies as buzz. To be sure, Quesada's not impartial, but his praise for Avengers script has some credility. I thought his enthusiasm for the script seemed significantly more unqualified than his reaction to the finished products of Thor and Cap. And Gunn's comments, while hearsay, nonetheless strike me as a great sign. I respect his opinion, so I conclude that I can also give some credence to his respect for the opinion of others who tell him the Avengers script is awesome.

In short, I am encouraged to speculate that Avengers is going to kick some major ass. If Joss were a company, I'd probably be buying stock in him right now.
I'd say he's way undervalued at $ 8.4 million but I'm bullish.
I'm not sure if that's true. Ricky Gervais can't be worth ten times Joss. This site has him down as $45 million which I'm more inclined to agree with.

Also, yay - elusive Avengers information and stuff!
I think the 8.4 refers to his hypothetical market cap, not his personal net worth. It shows the total number of imaginary dollars that people have invested in him.
Whenever they start filming in NYC (which I think they were rumored to be at some point) I am so there!
Is Loki the villain?
Oh, right... weird/interesting website.
Yeah, pretty sure they're not filming yet. A couple PA friends of mine are leaving for Albuquerque on Saturday, and then I don't know how much prep time there is after that before they start shooting.
Since he only had one film in release, the $8.4mil is the total of his last three films divided by 3. Serenity only brought in $25mil through the four weekends it was on the market, so it's $8.4mil. (They don't update film grosses past the 4th weekend.)
Yeah, pretty sure they're not filming yet. A couple PA friends of mine are leaving for Albuquerque on Saturday, and then I don't know how much prep time there is after that before they start shooting.

Production Weekly also says filming begins in April.
Yep- it has begun!

There was a quote on SlashFilm awhile back talking about how it was for Mark Ruffalo to do his Hulk scenes.

Sidenote: Apparently, this Hulk CGI resembles Ruffalo pretty closely...

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