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March 25 2011

"What a Crazy Random Happenstance": Destiny & Free Will in Dr. Horrible. Did Billy have a choice in what he did or was it all just so inevitable?

Normally I'd say it was inevitable once the script was written, but Neil goes off script all the time from what I hear.
In the Horriverse, yep he had a choice (virtually all fiction is predicated on the characters being actors in their own lives, able to freely choose and change the world based on those choices and that goes double for Whedon fiction).

In reality what's going to happen is going to happen IMO, each state of the world follows from the previous state as a result of either deterministic or genuinely random processes BUT predicting that state (let alone states further down the line) is so complex with so many hidden variables that we may as well think and act as if we have a free choice (the legal system does after all and it's probably wise to stay on the same metaphysical page as the law). Plus, it makes us feel better ;).
"At this moment of transformation, the wrought-iron fence around the stairwell fills the foreground of the shot, visually imprisoning Dr. Horrible behind bars."

LOL! I can remember the scene but I don't remember thinking that he was behind bars.

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