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March 25 2011

Blastr's "14 sci-fi actors we'd watch in anything". Guess who tops the list? Several Whedon actors included.

Yay! Nate, Clancy Brown, Lucy Lawless, Ian McShane, Enver Gjokaj, Ray Wise, Summer Glau, Harold Perrineau, Brian Cox - all very happy. I'd take out Gina Torres and Amy Acker - I don't dislike them just not people I'd drop everything to see.

Hmm.... Julie Benz would be on there though. I will sit through ANYTHING to watch Julie.
I thought this comment on Amy Acker was spot on:

(...) when her character transformed into the godly Illyria, it revealed a depth to Acker's talent no one could've suspected.
McShane seems like a stretch as a "sci-fi actor" but I can't argue with his selection as a must-watch.
Ian McShane is always Lovejoy as far as I am concerned. What he does abroad for pocket money cannot rival that. *g*

Personally, I'll give almost anything with James Marsters in a try. Even High Plains Invaders, though I did draw the line at Smallville.
You should watch his last Smallville appearance, Gill. The last two seasons have been a whole new (and really good) show.
OMG how could I have forgot NPH??
Surprised Lucy Lawless is the only BSG actor on the list. Although out of everyone on it, she has the longest "Sci Fi" resume.

NPH isn't a sci-fi actor, so he wouldn't qualify here.
jesus, Glau looks gorgeous in this picture. MY heart actually jumped a little bit
Wasn't Dr. Horrible sci-fi (I would say fantasy, but it's not like either of them had super powers and c'mon, HE WAS A MAD SCIENTIST!)? Or maybe it doesn't count because it was a web series? Also, NPH was in Starship Troopers! I know that counts as sci-fi! And he has done voices for various Batman and Spiderman series (yeah, I know, those count as fantasy).

Anyway, I would watch James Marsters in anything...wait, I think I have...
NPH qualifies way more than some on the list (and Batman/Spider-man are much closer to sci-fi than e.g. "Kung Fu Panda" or "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" - they're both sci-fi characters in fantasy universes is how I see it). Whether he's actually on it is just down to personal taste though.

I thought this comment on Amy Acker was spot on:

(...) when her character transformed into the godly Illyria, it revealed a depth to Acker's talent no one could've suspected.

Well, apart from Jeffrey Bell and Joss Whedon i'd imagine ;).

Some real stretches for the title of "sci-fi actor" on there but not a one that doesn't bring something to every appearance IMO (even if some of them are less "would follow everywhere" and more "might watch because of" for me). And yep, even now after many amazing performances every time I see Ian McShane on screen I still expect him to try to sell someone a Louis XIV chair with 'Made in China' stamped on it somewhere ;).
Starship Troopers is definitely a scifi film... and that stars NPH. He's also voiced Spider-man, been on Robot Chicken, Quatum Leap, Outer Limits and starred in classics like Purple People Eater and The Smurfs! I think he has enough "credibility" to be listed in such a thing really.
James Marsters.
Gina Torres was also in The Vampire Diaries as Bree, an old girl friend of Damon.

I also watch anything James Marsters is in and watched Smallville just because he was in it, then got hooked. Agree with redeem147, the last 2 years have been the best and James as Brainiac this season was very good.

Also enjoy Mark Sheppard, he makes any show better, love him in White Collar and could read a phone book and sound good.
This was a decent list, but I really have and do watch anything with James Marsters in it: Shadow Puppets, High Plains Invaders, Chance, Without a Trace.
They failed to mention that Ray Wise was on "Dollhouse" and is now on "Chuck" :) My will-watch-in-anything list is pretty selective, but Fillion, Glau and Gjokaj are on it. As is Alan Tudyk :) And James Marsters. And Alyson Hannigan. And Fran Kranz. And Joss Whedon, of course (everybody here watched that "Veronica Mars" episode, right?). And ...
I can't say there's anyone I'll wathc in anything. Amber sort of but I won't buy films she gets killed in, same with SMG. There's a *lot* of stuff I bought for the Whedon alum and will *never* put in my DVP again, altho I intend to keep them; Harvard Man, Slither, Date Movie.
So true... I suffered through about 6 episodes of The Cape just for Summer Glau, but then I gave up.
While I agree with most of this list, James Marsters should be number one.
Some of these choices surprise me, but I can't quibble too much with any list that includes Nathan Fillion & Bruce Campbell, two of the most magnetic and likable actors in the history of sci-fi, or any other category.

Very nice to see Clancy Brown & Neal McDonough as well.

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