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March 25 2011

Shawn Ryan interviewed on The /Filmcast. David Chen talks to the former Angel scribe about his current project, The Chicago Code as well as The Shield and the differences between writing for Network and Cable TV. Also includes brief mention and praise of Joss Whedon.

I don't really want to listen to a 40-minute audio clip to hear a brief mention of Joss. Can you summarize/quote the relevant part?
I will never understand people's obsession with things just being about Joss whenever a podcast gets linked on here. Not specifically you, AmnesiaInnocent but I find it quite bizarre that people listen to people of whom they don't care about (otherwise why not listen to the entire thing?) just to hear some "Joss is awesome" reaffirmation.
I will never understand people's obsession with things just being about Joss whenever a podcast gets linked on here.

Fans of Joss may just want to listen to mentions about Joss. It's not a strange thing.
Even without a Joss reference this would put a smile on my face. I love the /filmcast, and David Chen has said on multiple occasions that Shawn Ryan was the person he has most wanted to interview, and never had a chance too.
I felt weird writing it, honestly, but I think I had a point in there somewhere.
@Jaymii - Not to be too presumptuous, but I think what you mean to say is folks shouldn't just rip off the muffin top and discard the rest just to eat the banana chips on top. You're missing out on all that extra, important fiber. Eat the whole thing, dammit! It's good for you! :)

Translation: You should want to listen to all of it to hear what Shawn has to say because he's an excellent writer who knows a thing or two about the craft. The fact that he gives a shout-out to Joss is a bonus. Ignoring the surrounding content, I feel you're doing yourself a disservice. It would be like watching a clip from Angel of James shirtless, but then not bothering with the pertaining episode, let alone the series. :)
Are there spoilers for 'The Chicago Code' in there ? Interested in what he has to say but I haven't seen the show yet.
@Saje - Not really. Shawn makes a point to keep things pretty vague for folks like yourself. Although there is a mention of a death in the pilot, no names are given. You should be fine.
Cheers kungfubear. Yep, listened to it and spoilers enough that i'll have to be careful not to spend the entire episode guessing who it is but nothing particularly specific.

Interesting interview too. I was particularly struck by him mentioning that 'The Shield' showed that you could make quality TV on the very low budget of $1.3 million per episode (this is back in the early '00s too). Even today that's a premium budget in the UK, probably reserved for the biggest, most successful shows (yer 'Doctor Who's and so on). Just goes to show, US TV's a different world.

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