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"Well he doesn't traditionally bring presents so much as you know, disembowel children."
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March 25 2011

Concept art and sheet music from Dr. Horrible gives amazing insights into your favorite supervillain. Zack Whedon says "[W]e're never going to root for a guy who is going up against Peter Parker but we can root for someone going up against a jock blowhard like Captain Hammer."

I cannot wait until I get this
"Six days to film it/Immortalized as a dick/Then Neil stole my pants." Haiku is the highest art form known to humankind.
"I didn't think of him as a horse I thought of him as a person who wreaked vengeance wherever he went. Once I found out it was a horse, I was sort of mortified, and I said, 'Well, should I create metal costume pieces for him? Do you want feathers, or...?' Joss said, 'Shawna, it's a horse. Let it go.'"

I can't wait for this book either.
Ha! I wasn't ever sure how literal the horse part was in the first two acts myself. And I was kinda hoping they'd never even show him. I like this concept sketch a lot, though.
Interview of hilarity!
Hate, hate, hate this usage of "jock."

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