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March 27 2011

Fan-made Angel Season Four trailer. Also from the same vid-maker, Buffy Season Seven.

If you've not seen the vid-maker's previous trailers (they have been posted here before), they're also worth taking a look at.

I've been waiting for these trailers for ages. Thank god they're here.
I'm sad there's only one more left for them to do... :(
I'd love to see this person tackle a Season 8 trailer, to be honest. (S)he's shown that they've pretty much mastered the televised season format, it'd be very cool to see how they go with a different type of media.
I'm curious how a Firefly type one would be accomplished, I think the lack of a season-long story/theme would mean that for a trailer to be produced, parts would need to be lifted from Serenity.

Anyway, even if that never happens; these Buffyverse ones are amazing.
I've never seen season 7 look so good. S/he even made the potentials look interesting. Buffy rewatch this summer? I think so.

I'm glad the Angel video didn't tackle the Jasmine storyline really. Definitely the most interesting thing about that season was Angelus. And probably Wesley. Wesley's always interesting.

EDIT: this user makes amazing episodic/arc trailers, really worth watching as well

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Wow. That Buffy trailer rocks.
Fantastic. I have loved every single one of these trailers. Sad that there is only Angel S5 left to do.
I love how the Cordelia pregnancy was wholly avoided.
yeah, Buffyverse trailers and Smgfan2000 both make amazing trailers.
Awesome. It has inspired me to re-watch both Angel & Buffy again!
I usually hate fanmade vids. 98 percent of them suck on various levels ranging from "meh" to complete embarrasing eyesore.
These trailers are a prime example for the other 2 percent.

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