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March 27 2011

Amy Adams has been cast in the new Superman film. Tara's cousin is the new Lois Lane in Zack Snyder's Superman reboot film.

She joins a cast that includes Henry Cavill as Superman,Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent and Diane Lane as Martha Kent.The film is being produced by Christopher Nolan.

For a minute I was like how is this whedon related? I just sped right past the "Tara's cousin" part. I can't believe how far she's come! Love Amy.
Yes,she's come a long way.Three Oscar nominations.But she will always be Tara's cousin for Buffy fans.Joss had a good eye when he cast her for his episode,"Family."She also already has a Superman connection too.She played the kryptonite freak Jodi(the one who sucked the fat out of people) in the Smallville season 1 episode,"Cravings."
She also has a connection to another Whedonverse Amy, Amy Acker. Early in their careers both were in the Steven Spielberg "Catch Me If You Can." Amy Acker is harder to catch in that though.
Another reboot? Good grief.
The first thing someone said on Twitter when the news was going around was, "She's 9 years older than Henry Cavill". I'm taking a vow right now to try and be more positive, even not responding to negativity like that in kind. She's youthful enough and a good actor. That's all that really matters.
Amy Acker was in 'Catch Me If You Can'? Never knew that.
Lois is often portrayed as older than Clark. :)
Yay! This is exciting! After Whedonverse, Superman is my favorite verse!
Amy Adams is in something.

Always good news.

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Cousin Beth wooooooooo.
Vandelay, Amy Acker plays one of the college girls drafted by Frank to be an airline stewardess. You see her face in a couple of shots, mostly looking all squealy and adorable. Just saw that film again over the weekend and was like "oh yeah...there she is."
Yes, but I rather hear about Amber.
Raggedy, yeah, if you blink you miss her entirely.
I blinked.

Happy for Ms Adams, she's got the chops.
I love Amy Adams. "Doubt" was one of my favourite movies last year and I think Amy is very charming. I'm not all that into Superman but I'd happily watch the reboot.
Love Amy Adams. Think she's perfect for the role.

Only cast member I'm wary of atm is Costner. Sometimes I like him, but in this? I kinda feel like I'll be thinking the whole time, "That's Kevin Costner." Eh, wait and see, as they say.
Hah, I read this as Amy Acker and then I was on SFX and looking at the picture going 'that's not Amy Acker'. Finally came back here and actually read the post!

I am also slightly flummoxed that there's another Superman movie.
This is an excellent casting choice. I don't know if this is a modern Superman or a period Superman, but she'd be great in either.

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