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March 27 2011

Eliza Dushku answering questions on Facebook like a trooper. There's over a thousand there already, she's posting answers in the comments if you've got any burning queries.

What would've "Dollhouse" season three been like?

If only Gods brink.
Her FB posts are often humorous and reveal someone who thinks seriously about who she is and what she does and how she uses her fame.
I'd have gone with "What is your credit card number and expiry date?"
But I am evil.
zz9, you seem to have a vocation. Have you considered applying to the Evil League of Evil?
She might consider using something like Formspring next time, which would let her edit out the pervy, the unctuous, and the many, many duplicate questions before they show up. But I have to admire her moxie for doing this. Some great questions and answers amongst the cringedelic stuff.
Barboo, I thought about it, but the membership dues are horrendous!
And you're not allowed to be evil with any non-signatories.

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