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March 28 2011

Dr Horrible and Spider-Man - a comparison. It seems that they're more similar than you'd think.

The article mentions mad scientists, and that reminded me of a quirky webcomic that points out that mad scientists might not be scientists at all.
It's an intriguing article, but I have to dock points for misspelling Charles Dodgson's nom de plume as Louis instead of Lewis.
Yeah that confused me, I always pronounce Louis 'Looey' as well which didn't help. Other than that though tis a good read. I don't know that much about Spiderman but he certainly seems a more interesting person than I'd previously thought, I always got the impresion he was kind of boring before.

All the Dr. Horrible things are making me crave Dr. Horrible again.
I quibble with the ending of the article: "...but also developing a cold, nihilistic, emotionless worldview."

I don't want to start the whole "are Billy Buddy and Dr. Horrible two different personas" argument again, but I always felt the very end of the final song "Everything You Ever," when he says "...a thing," it's clear he still does feel.

And damn, I wish I weren't at work. I wanna watch Dr Horrible again. Right now.
Gwen Stacy DID come back, as a clone. And that was what prompted Spiderman to realize that he loved Mary Jane. At which point Gwen went off into the sunset, apparently not to be heard from since.

Now I haven't read the series in decades, so as far as I know, the Gwen that returned could have been retroactively turned into some sort of alien intelligence inhabiting Gwen's cloned body and thinking that it was Gwen, or some such thing, but at the time it was Gwen, and Peter Parker's realization that he loved Mary Jane, not Gwen, was pretty significant in the character's history, and given the premise of the article and the central comparison of Penny and Gwen, should certainly have been mentioned.
I love Spidey (seriously, he's my favorite superhero), and I like the comparison between Gwen and Penny's death, but I think that, beyond that, the author grasps at some straws.

Also, is Billy's last name really "Buddy?" I always thought that that was just something Penny called him because he was her buddy.
Also, is Billy's last name really "Buddy?" I always thought that that was just something Penny called him because he was her buddy.


But, when attempting to build up the courage to kill Capt. Hammer, he calls himself 'Billy Buddy'. He was also called 'Billy, the Laundry Buddy'. I think that's reading too closely though - I definitely do not think his last name is Buddy.
I checked the lyric in the book.

So keep your head up Billy, buddy

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