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September 21 2002

Firefly 1.1, the Train Job. The snarky viewers at TWOP seem rather positive about the new show. Though nobody likes the "River" character. Did you see it? Thoughts?

There's a glowing review up on Slashdot.
I kinda liked it, although it didn't feel like watching the first episode of a series (which of course it wasn't...). I felt like I didn't know enough about the characters.

The "western in space" idea was really hammered in, down to the music.

eh, I like westerns and I like space operas, so I hope it does well enough that FOX doesn't give it the old heave-ho and stick "World's Craziest Police Chases" back on the Friday night lineup.

I'm telling you, Chris Carter cursed Friday nights on FOX so that the X-Files would be the only sci-fi show to ever succeed in that time slot. Honest.
Not bad at all. Especially if you consider that this was not the intended introduction to these characters. Dialog was not as sharp as it could have been, but there were some nice moments.

Nice to see the captain is not on some big, overt macho trip too.
I kept thinking that River seems like a strange decendent of Drusilla in some way or another. What I saw though was enjoyed, though I missed the first 15 minutes or so due to a weather alert blocking me out.
Ho-hum. It didn't convince me not to watch the next episode, and Johnny was ok. But I was bowled under, for the most part.

Heard repeatedly: Oh, I see! It's a WESTERN in SPACE!
I really enjoyed it. Had a cool feel, good acting, and sharp writing. That's enough to keep me coming back. Of course, it was delayed for 40 minutes in the SF Bay Area for a "base-ball" game. Philistines.
I just watched the first few minutes which I was able to download somewhere. I liked the visuals of it a lot, but thought the dialogue/acting was a bit slow and stilted. Not bad for a first season, though - look back at ST:TNG S1 and weep.

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