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March 28 2011

Nathan Fillion dishes on 12 roles. He speaks to about the roles he's played in 'One Life To Live' through to 'Castle'.

I wish he had mentioned Blast from the Past---I liked him in that role...
Two Guys and a Girl is an old favorite. And the first thing I ever saw Nathan on (although I didn't like his character so much at the time). Such a funny show. Hopefully one day it will get syndicated somewhere.
I like the on-going narrative in the comments with this one Nathan hater developing new aliases each thread with another guy commenting on it. Apart from that, it's still a nice read. :)
For some reason when I started reading his comments on Waitress, I thought he was criticizing it, but then I realized what he was getting at.

He's so nice. :)
Adding yet another "reasons I love Spielberg" to the list.
Nothing about Pasadena or Drive? :(

It was an enjoyable read, but I really liked him in those roles and am sorry that they weren't included.
I was a little disappointed not to see Drive, too, but maybe dishing on thirteen roles would be a less catchy sell.

(Re: Desperate Housewives) - "On the lot where they film Wisteria Lane, you can actually lay down on what is a real lawn. There's some very nice shade under a nice tree where you can sit and read a book. It was very nice up there.''

Okay, that did it - after these long years of fandom my crush just happened.
I'm so very easy but yeah "I'm part of the Buffyverse I say that with pride." that just makes me all mushy and even more crushy than I already were.
A wonderful read indeed, Nathan is wonderful as always. Also made me realize I should really watch Slither and Waitress sometime.
Waitress is a very fine small movie. The potential future art that was lost makes the director's murder a double tragedy.

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