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March 28 2011

Vote for Serenity in the "Elite Eight" of io9's March Movie Madness! In this round, Serenity is up against the original Terminator.

Right now it looks like it has a real chance of beating the sci-fi action classic!

Man, I get nervous about this every time I look at the results. So far, my own bracket has matched the voter's. I expected Wrath of Khan to beat Blade Runner, though. I'm seeing Empire beat Serenity in the championship. Anyone else fill out their own bracket?
Next round should be tougher because the other competitors got more than 6 000 votes on the previous rounds.
I repeat, this is the same tourney in which Metropolis was defeated by Jurassic frakkin' Park. It's not like any result should suprise you.

And I don't really see it as tougher... way too much ballot stuffing in these things. Plus, Star Wars was set up to face it's sequel which I think greatly helps Serenity out. They're only going to have to face the SW crowd once. And Blade Runner is a Sci fi classic, but it doesn't have nearly the cult following of the remaining favorites.

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I think Serenity will have a tough time against Blade Runner. Everyone get ready to vote in the final four.
@mustang50 :

Serenity and Terminator got the same number of votes on previous round (respectively 4 807 and 4 855 votes), yet Serenity crushed Terminator on this round :

7. Terminator Vs. 8. Serenity (Poll Closed)
Terminator 37.58% (3,762 votes)
Serenity 62.42% (6,249 votes)

At the same time, Blade Runner won with the same number of votes as Serenity :

1. Blade Runner Vs. 2. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Poll Closed)
Blade Runner 67.72% (6,336 votes)
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 32.28% (3,020 votes)

I see another victory for Serenity.

Get ready to vote on Final Four (in two parts):
Wednesday, March 30: Final Four
Friday, April 1: Final Four
Interesting; Harrison Ford is in three of the final four pictures.
@ Loose Deckplate :

Between the Star Wars saga and the Indiana Jones saga, he must have 10 of his films in the 20 most profitable films of all time.
Everyone get ready to vote in the final four

Well, OK but, even allowing for the inherent non-meaningness of the whole thing, I could not, in good conscience, vote against Blade Runner, which is my favorite SF movie ever. Just sayin'. :-)

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