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March 28 2011

Adweek's 100 Most Influential Shows of all time includes Buffy. The list is chronological, so BtVS appears as #82.

Always glad to see Buffy recognition, but I'm a bit meh about the new BSG not being on this list. They had a lecture/conference at the U.N. with cast members from the show. That's not influential? Come on now.
The fact that Glee is on this list makes me cringe. And then I saw that various current reality shows are on it as well, and I understood that this is not the list for me.

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I'm definitely not a fan of the reality shows (except for The Amazing Race which was absent from this list), but for better or worse they are inarguably some of the most talked about and popular shows of the last decade. I didn't write the list and I certainly have my quibbles with it, but overall I think that it does a fair job of highlighting many of the most popular and influential shows through the years.

I think that one of the more important aspects to remember is that the site is geared towards the advertising industry, and so it's definition of "influential" is likely different from what many of us would normally think of.

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Glee certainly deserves a spot on an 'Influential TV Series' list - it's had a pretty huge impact on the way teens are approaching music and it's the only mainstream network show that's tackling the issues that it is in the way that it is. I'm a fan of the show and while I'm definitely not making it out as the be-all-to-end-all, there's no denying it's had a pretty significant impact on the zeitgeist.

That being said, this article has way too huge of a skew towards nostalgia for older shows. And I can't believe that timeline doesn't even mention the Writer's Strike.
Another week, another TV list.

This should be called "The 100 Most Influencial AMERICAN Shows Of All Time."

Glad to see Buffy is on that list, but no Firefly? Pretty much every sci-fi show since Firefly has shown influence from it.

And no Babylon 5??? First show to successfully use multi-episode arc storylines. Before Babylon 5, the concencus was that each episode had to be self contained. No Babylon 5, the no 24, Prison Break, Lost etc.

Love it or loathe it, it was probably the first modern TV series, and it's a huge shame that the innovations that the show pioneered are usually ignored by the critics.
I am not sure what this list says about the viewing public, reality shows..really?

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