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March 29 2011

Seven things we didn't know about Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Television Without Pity picks some fun factoids from the Dr Horrible book (out today in the States). And CliqueClack give five reasons as to why you should buy it.

Screw that article and it's opening shot at Dollhouse.
Jed wasn't Dead Bowie. He was in the Bad Horse Chorus. Wasn't Dead Bowie played by Drew Goddard?
Drew Goddard was Fake Thomas Jefferson. Jed was both Dead Bowie and Bad Horse Chorus #2.
They don't make a Dr Horrible Van Remote for Android! What's that all about?
The real reason this book will sell like gangbusters is the photos of mine in it.
Also, it's ace.
My copy is supposed to arrive today. I can't wait!
I had completely forgotten about this. Love these little facts and the insights into the production they provide! This book seems like a must have for any fan of the good evil doctor. And they seem to have it in stores here in the Netherlands, yay! Anyone knows if there is a hardcover?

BTW have to say Dollhouse "failed to set the world on fire" seems perfectly fair to me, though I really would rather not get into that here. This is a thread about Doctor Horrible!
My copy was just mailed today (I'm disappointed in Amazon not mailing it early so I could get it today! I'll just have to be patient).
I predict bestsellerness since Master Fillion tweeted: "Have you ordered a Horrible book lately?"
....Yeah, I'd say that their summation of Dollhouse wasn't exactly negative. For whatever the admittedly variable quality (It's been nigh impossible for me to convince fans of sequential story telling that yes, it is okay to skip and eventually return to a couple of the season one episodes) and the better episodes later, none of them exactly got the relative media blitz of Dr. Horrible.

And I'm not sure if I'm mixing up Nathan trying out for Angel and Sean trying out for Victor, but was there ever a story about NPH trying out for Simon?

Also I really had no idea that Fox was so nice about providing certain things like costuming for free. In terms of bigger corporations or something I thought it was just that Universal let them use the city backlot (maybe at reduced rates?)

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