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March 29 2011

(SPOILER) Little Buffy Season 9 preview panel from Dark Horse's Facebook page. A panel from something season 9 related.

Season 9 related yes, but more than likely from that mini-project written by Jane Espenson and drawn by Jeanty.
I was thinking that myself.
Yay, Spike. We love us some Spike. :)
Yay! I'm excited to see more. :)
Some of those comments are hilarious! And really intrigued by the Alien series. Yes please!

Back on topic. That's not a particularly illuminating pic, but it's very nice! Was hoping for a Buffy shot actually, maybe something with her fighting or something with the (un)slayers, but beggars and choosers and whatnot.

Kinda done with the bugs now, haven't been reading the miniseries so does anyone wanna say why he's captaining a ship full of disgusting insects? Also wanna know what's on his face...someone made a rather rude remark to that effect, but i doubt the accuracy of it.
Bugs haven't appeared in the Spike series yet, if I'm not mistaken.

As for what's on Spike's face, it looks like a severe burn in the vein of #39. Looks blistery.
BlueSkies,the IDW Spike miniseries has two issues left.We'll find out in these next two issues but the bug ship did make it's first appearance at the end of last issue although the bugs themselves haven't yet.

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Thanks guys! So Lilah was the big informer. Had Spike ever met her before? I mean she wasn't involved in early Angel Season 1 and was dead by the time Spike came back. I kinda wanna read it now for her, I've missed her.
Thanks again for the info!

That's a good point also, wexina, they do look like burn marks. Guess it'll be a flashback, or Spike is gonna take up tanning.
Lilah has never met Spike.
Oh right, just reread your post and no, no indeed she has not! They would have been a formidable pair.
Love the panel, not much but something.

Okay can someone explain something to me? Sorry if it's already been asked...
Willow already knew about Dawn being a giant, which means Angel is already dressed in a cape and getting ready to screw up buffy's life. But he was in the first issue of Spike completely normal. I didn't think that much time has past since the first issue and the latest issue, plus there's the whole thing with Angel coming through the portal and getting superpowered. (plus Angel supposedly went through a massive battle that he lost, and unless it was in another dimension i don't understand how that all fits in, considering they said no time travel was involved in that scene).
Are we supposed to except that ALL of that stuff happened in that time period or it was just a simple mistake on Brian Lynch's part.
You can fanwank it away as Dawn having been a giant for a long time before S8.1 and Willow always knew about it... but it's probably a mistake. Given that there's been, at the very very most, a year between Atf and the current Angel/Illyria/Spike arcs, and in that time we've had a movie based on the Fall, a series of books based on Spider's romance with Spike, and a movie based on said book - I don't think much attention to one cohesive Buffyverse timeline is really being considered.

I'm viewing the timeline like this:

Buffy Season Seven
Angel Season Five
Angel #1-17
Angel #18-38 (At some point during this, Dawn becomes a giant)
Illyria #1-4
Spike #1-8
Angel #39-44
[time passes]
Flashback from Buffy #36
Riley One-Shot
Buffy Season 8
DH enough with the damn Bugs already!

Imo It's been an absolutely stupid idea. A joke that's gone on for far too long. That and Spikes spaceship which wouldn't have looked out of place in Who or Torchwood, but dear god Buffy? Terrible idea...
Cool, i can hardly wait for Buffy season 9 to start.

My timeline (in which i only follow canon stories):

Buffy season 8
Buffy season 9
Eeheehee, it's just like Angel and the Dragon! Except instead of Angel it's Spike. And. Well.

Anyway, I love the drawing.
Huh. Is that damage from the sunshine on his face?
So Spike has leprosy now?
SPACE leprosy.
My timeline (in which i only follow canon stories):

Angel: After the Fall
Buffy season 8
Buffy season 9

No Matt7325, it didn't need fixing.
As decreed by purple prose After the Fall is canon. Not really any wiggle room there. It amazes me that four years later there's still argument over this.
It's fandom so of course there's arguments. In some quarters, Angel season 5 and Buffy seasons 6 & 7 aren't canon. Me, life's too short for this. If you like it good, if you don't fair enough. At the end of the day, history will record it as canon long after we are gone.
Joss has been very vague on ATF canon status and we know from later reports that his work in them was very minimal. Basic plot outline with Lynch and some back and forth via emails, that's it. The writing feels nothing like Joss, it feels a 100% Lynch. All in all the story seems rather pointless.
And there is plenty of wiggle room, as Buffy told Angel when he was trying to talk about what happend to him in LA, "I don't care!" she answered. My point is that DH/Joss don't try to force the fans to read the comics from a competing business which i'm very much grateful for. And it has been stated several times now, Idw tells their stories and DH tell theirs, the stories don't crossover.

For me the last time i saw Spike was at the end of Not fade away, 6 years ago. And his re-emergence was in Buffy issue 35. What has he been doing all these time? I have no idea. And unless we get a small flash back in season 9, i'll never know. Because i would rather not know and play with my own imagination to think of all the crazy,epic adventures Spike has gone on then to accept Lynch's version of Spike who i very much despise(the character). Compared to Joss's Spike who is my favorite character.
At the end of the day, history will record it as canon long after we are gone.

Haha, seriously? Long after we are all gone i don't think anyone will remember this series. Nothing of real importance,lasting happens to Spike or Angel by the end of the story. Made further clear by their role in season 8.

And on a sidenote, tomorrow we're finally going to be getting some news about season 9 at Wondercon.
I choose to believe that after we're all dead and gone the happenings of Buffy and Angel will be etched in stone all over our greatest monuments. Or is that internet forums I forget. :)
I think the season 8 vagueness was to give IDW considerable wiggle-room for the post-ATF Angel run, which I guess isn't necessarily canon.

Whether the Angel comics are in "Joss's voice" is pretty much irrelevant given the driving force of the Angel TV show was usually someone other than Joss (the voice of David Greenwalt, Tim Minear, Jeff Bell - shame none of those guys were tapped for the Angel comics).

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