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March 29 2011

Happy Birthday, Juliet Landau! IMDB apparently has the birth year all wrong, making Juliet way older than she actually is. Hopefully, some day, it will get changed.

Well whatever age she is hope she's having a good one!
I've been saying the same thing about my birth-date for years, too...

At any rate, Happy Birthday Juliet!
No wonder she looks so young :) I thought it came from good genes and working out.
I thought that was her correct birth year? The last time this was discussed at Whedonesque, I remember someone linked to an article about Barbara Bain (her mother) from the 60's that mentioned Juliet.
Her website says she was born in 1972.
Ah, yes. There we go! Thank you, Simon! :)

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But ruuger is absolutely correct, there is a newpaper article from 1967 which refers to a 2 year old Juliet.

I was just going to post that Simon! I couldn't resist investigating further either. She wouldn't be the first actor to try hide their true age.

Anyway, it's taken me over 20 minutes to log-in as I couldn't remember my sign-in details and when I entered my email address on the "forgotten password" screen a 500 Internal Server Error report came up. So being a good boy I went to email you but the email address listed on the error report ( doesn't work. Found my details on my account but figured you'd like to know.
...which just goes to show how far a vampire will go to stay under wraps, as it were.
She would've got away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids ;).

39, 46, just numbers, she looks fantastic for either age IMO. Happy birthday Ms Landau and many more.
Why not celebrate her birthday with the very entertaining song Wherefore Art Thou Juliet by Karuna Tanahashi.

A great song for a great actress and character.
Happy Birthday, Juliet Landau!

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