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March 30 2011

ICv2's top ten genre properties for Q4 2010. Find out how Dark Horse's Buffy and Serenity franchises fare against the likes of The Walking Dead, Sandman and Y: The Last Man.

It seems to me that Serenity coming in at #10 is more impressive than one might think.
Serenity (so far) is not an ongoing Series, and yet managed to sell extremely well.
I hope this inspires all concerned to bring us more from the Big Damn 'Verse.
Awesome that Buffy and Serenity are doing so well, and Walking Dead is possibly my favorite comic series since Sandman...wait, what, Sandman is STILL on the list?!?! Don't get me wrong, I still love the book, but didn't it end when I was in college?

On one hand, awesome, one of my favorite books, had some pretty good spinoffs (I have most issues of the Dreaming and no small love for Thessaly). On the other hand, it seems like there should be more new horror/sci-fi/fantasy comics selling well these days.

Unless the Sandman TV series actually happens...
Y: The Last Man. <3.

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