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March 30 2011

E! Online's Alpha Male Madness. Go vote for our Captain to win E! Online's Alpha Male Madness. He's barely beating some guy from the Vampire Diaries!

I'm so glad I didn't have to choose between Nathan and Jensen. I'm not sure I could have.
I'm with you Deanna. Sophie's Choice.
I love how the three guys from Supernatural are all there. Not disputing it, they're all very attractive.
Wait... I can't vote for Alpha?

Your headline is misleading.
Dammit, The Goose beat me to it.
Is this an early April fools gag? Nathan and Matt are easy picks but E's pitting Jensen and Misha against each other?! *tear* And it seems Jared will be facing off against one of them too soon, if he beats the vamp, which we know he has experience in doing ;p

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