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March 30 2011

Chris Hemsworth talks about Joss writing and directing Avengers. Describes it as "Foolproof as you can get". He also discusses what it was like portraying Thor, getting to his measurements and how our favourite creator played a hand in him getting the role.

Starts around the 2:40 mark.

That was worth it for Patton alone lol.
Patton is hysterical. Pure brilliance. Watch for the Jesus joining the X-Men bit. Really. Watch. What are you waiting for?
I edited the title for length.
Bwahaha! I haven't laughed that hard in a long while. Patton FTW.

I also enjoyed hearing Chris talk and how interesting that Joss was instrumental in helping him get the role. Cool.
darn my work computer not having any sound! So I'm going by the short description under the vid box alone...

YAY for being a Scandinavian type person and thus being in the know already as to how to pronouce "Mjölnir" *am a geek*
Wow, I could actually watch that at work. Liked what Hemsworth said about Joss. LOVED Patton's stuff, especially the dig at Hawkeye.
Haha. Patton Oswalt just gets funnier. He's like the Beatles of comedy.
Adding Patton Oswald to the whedonverse has been a huge win for everybody. His twitter feed is a must.

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