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March 31 2011

(SPOILER) Andrew Chambliss to return to the Dollhouse. He'll write a 5-issue miniseries set in pre-"Epitaph One" days. First issue drops July 13th. Should probably add that the link contains mild spoilers about plot details.

Nice cover art.
They're all pretty nifty... the second one looks like someone just drew in Alex Pettyfer (I Am Number Four), though. Quite like the simplicity of the first one, and the third cover is just scary/creepy/both.

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Awesome! I really liked his episodes.
Heh... just noticed that the third cover (for #2) was painted by Massimo Carnevale who also did the covers for Zack Whedon's Terminator books. Suddenly, that glowing red eye becomes crossover gold: The "tech" is actually SkyNet!
I'm really glad they decided to actually go ahead and continue Dollhouse in comic form. The Epitaph world really does have a lot of story to be mined.
Love the art. I'm liking what I'm hearing too. And from the looks of those variant, Ivy will be popping up quite a bit. :3
The second cover for issue #1...the woman in the center reminds me of Charisma Carpenter. Makes me wish she would've guest-starred if the show had continued. ;_;
Oh, it's a bummer I have to pick between the first two covers. The last one sort of creeps me out a bit much, even if I appreciate the general composition. Still, I'm torn between being really digging Ivy (and it's very pretty even if I didn't immediately recognize all the brain projections as being the same Asian girl) or the first one which makes me think of a retro propaganda poster.
Really looking forward to the Dollhouse comics. I hope there will be a tpb release including the one-shot, because the comics themselves are hard to get in The Netherlands.

Really like the variant cover for #2, go Alpha!

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