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March 31 2011

Our favorite Firefly Doc on "Make It Or Break It". Sean started his role this week.

It made the return of the show that much sweeter. Not sure about the intent of his character however.
The article linked was a false spoiler, he's not playing the Max character. He's very good at playing sketchy/con-artisty in this, though, isn't he?

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...I didn't see his character as sketchy at all?
@joey - maybe sketchy's not the right word, but in the first scenes he was definitely coming across as a hard-nosed official (a little d-baggy, as it were) and then later with Chloe he really seemed to soften up, and express concern for Emily's well-being...but I was kind of left wondering, was his character's concern really for Emily herself? Or was maybe it's because to him (and the NGO he represents) she really is a "thoroughbred" like he investment? I could go either way on it but I'm really curious to see where it goes! (I also got potential love-interest-for-Chloe vibe but that might be wishful thinking;))
No, I agree, it made me wonder what his character's motives really are, and I'm curious to see where it goes. I just got confused by the use of the word sketchy. :) I really hope they do something interesting with his character, just to see Sean do a little more. I have to say I'm grateful he didn't get cast as Max!

(I think his organization is just called NGO, maybe for National Gymnastics Organization or something?)

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