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April 01 2011

Nathan Fillion misbehaves all across the Whedonverse. The latest PopMatters essay pays tribute to the Captain.

Well the final lines in Serenity were hardly "Now I aim to misbehave" but the rest of the article is a nice one. And how did I miss hearing that Nathan phoned the Halifax convention??
It certainly helps that one of the pro-Mal debaters was Kids Need to Read co-creator and Nathan BFF, PJ Haarsma, Lioness.


Think I have the audio of the con panel/geek debate laying around somewhere. Will try and find it so it can be reposted on a free file sharing site...
I had to dig through the archives but all can be found at this link.
Nathan is the only actor I can think of who goes to the lengths he does to stay connected to his fanbase, struggling with the demands of his public wanting a piece of him as opposed to admiring him from pretty much "afar" as most of us try to do. He responded to a tweet of mine (a tossoff of a tweet too, go figure) and I thought it was very sweet. That's the extent I would ever go to. And yes, I admire the person he is.

As to this in the article: Captain Mal does have a tendency to shoot firstóbut, really, is that something a traditional SF hero should brag about?

I figure it has something to do with this famous dialogue from Firefly (Someone ever tries to kill you, you try to kill 'em right back) along with what Mal suffered during the Unification War. It doesn't seem something unreasonable to say but though he would shoot first, he knows who his enemies are first.
if you youtube nathan fillion and phoning conventions, you can see the time where he phones 'Wash" on stage and freaks him out its very funny. For those who havent seen it, Fillion plays a very Mal like Sherif in the movie "Slither" a must see role for fans.

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