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April 01 2011

Those Whedonverse April Fool's jokes - Netflix to relaunch Firefly. Though apparently Mark Zuckerberg will be buying the show as well. Also Kristen Stewart will be playing Buffy in the reboot and ABC announce Nathan's new show 'White Castle'.


I wish the first one was true, and I thank God the second one is fake!

Happy April Fools, everyone!
I've added another X buys Firefly link to the entry.
I have an odd "come to the rescue" complex whenever the Twilight stars get slammed. I loathe the material, the fandom etc but I like the actors for some reason. Not so sure about Buffy, but I'd love to see K-Stu under Joss' helm.

Also, as with most years, Google win April Fools, imo.
Oh how I do not like KS's face on SMG's Buffy!
The Stewart one was hilarious. Mostly for Joss's line about ScarJo. And Taylor Loutner.
I have simple tastes so Nathan in a chef's hat is made of win.
It totally is :) (re: Simon above).
I would likely enjoy watching "Nathan Fillion Sorts His Sock Drawer".

Now that I've made a joke about it, I could see it as a micro-web series, sort of like David Lynch's weather report. A weird joke hammered into the ground until it is beyond funny!
I'd watch White Castle in a heartbeat. The Buffy thing though, gives me the total {{{{WIGGINS)))).
Am I the only one who thinks they actually captured Joss' public-statement voice pretty accurately?

Jaymii - I totally get when you mean. I've only read the first two books (we were sorta required to when the fourth was about to be released, as I work in a bookstore), and seen the first movie, but I feel like I've been exposed to enough of it to comfortably claim that it's just not for me. However, the actors all seemed just fine, and it's not their fault the material leaves something to be desired. I haven't seen Robert Pattinson in anything else (except, I guess, "Harry Potter," but he doesn't stick out), but Kristen Stewart has been great in, say, "Welcome to the Rileys" and "Adventureland," and Taylor Lautner was just fine in "My Own Worst Enemy." Obviously Peter Facinelli, Billy Burke and Dakota Fanning's pre-"Twilight" careers speak for themselves. But, yeah, I kinda feel bad when folks lump the actors in with the crap that is the series proper.
I really like Kristen Stewart, for no particular reason other than that I haven't found a reason to dislike her. That said... her head on Buffy's body? Scary.

But White Castle sounds absolutely brilliant! And Michael Sheen would be an amazing Watcher (though I'd prefer him as an evil, Tony Blair-esque face of the New Watcher's Council post-Chosen).
One of the links at the bottom of the Zuckerberg story takes you to a video of Fringe opening credits done in Firefly style with the Firefly theme as background. Which gave me an opportunity to learn the name of the cow.
Good lord, I am the only one in the fandom who didn't know Dirty Cat passed in 2009!? Nathan not only tweeted yesterday that Castle was canceled but that Spartacus had been eaten by coyotes. He even supplied a special-effects photo of what was left. I then proceeded to tweet him something smart assy. I knew the Castle thing had to be a joke, but the cat? Brutal.

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