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April 01 2011

Brian Lynch's 'Hop' premieres today. Happy Easter/(not)April Fools!

Wow, I didn't know that it was Brian's.
I have a good reason to go see it now.
What does he have to do with Whedon?

P.S. The premiere happened already. Hop opens today.
Lynch is a writer for Angel After the Fall and several Spike stories. Arguably on if the better writers for those comics, not counting Buffy he hasn't worked in that title. Anyways, Whedon and he sat down and planned/wrote parts of AtF together. So therefore when his name pops we mention him.

And yes, the premier happened already but many people could not attend that so informing them of its general release is a nice courtesy. Maybe we can edit the link to read that Hop is now at general theaters rather than saying its premeiring.

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Is this Lynch's first movie or tv script? If so, big Kudos for the breakthrough.
Go, Lynchy!

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