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April 01 2011

The women behind the Whedonverse. An article at Popshifter featuring some of our favorite Whedonverse women writers.

While I love seeing women writers highlighted, it's also important to give them credit for their own work independent of the Joss, rather than mistakenly attributing it to a follow-on to Joss' work as the writer did here with Felicia Day:

"However, after her role as Dr. Horrible’s innocent idealist Penny, she went on to write and act in The Guild, based on her own experiences in gaming culture."

It's particularly annoying given how much Joss has highlighted Felicia's experience with making The Guild on her own as inspiration for doing Dr. Horrible on his own.

ETA: It should be "BerkEley", with 3 e's, not 2. Or "Bezerkeley", as some are fond of calling it.

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Yeah, that stuck out like a sore thumb for me too (mainly because I skimmed it and it was at the bottom!)

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