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April 01 2011

Vote for your favourite sci-fi icon of the 21st Century. There's several Whedonverse characters in this SFX Magazine poll (plus you can write-in your own choice if they're not on the list).

Wash is on the list, but not Mal. Huh.
He's listed at "captains": Captain Malcolm Reynolds
Cool list idea. Will be interesting to see how this one turns out.
I spotted Buffy, Captain Mal, River Tam and Wash on the list. Any others? They're all good choices for the list.
Will be interested in seeing how this turns out.
If previous SFX polls are much to go on then The Doctor will likely win but it'll be interesting to see who comes second.
Echo and Angel as well
I had to vote for Harry Potter, much as it pained me to do so. I love anything Whedon and the writing overall was better for said auteur's sci-fi icons...but more people are aware of the Potter universe and characters.
Buffy and River. Always a shout-out for the gals! :)
Spike was on the list as well. And since this is SFX and not Entertainment weekly I expect he'll do well. Except he is apparently invisible here!
Xane, could be that mirror thing.
While I love all things Whedon, in terms of overall iconic figures of the 21st century, I think there are others on the list that fit the bill a bit better.
Had to vote for Buffy. Stopped after I saw the name.
Sorry, but I had to go with The Doctor. He's my first love and I think the biggest SF icon, especially with his return in the new Millenium.
Personally I skipped over all the candidates who originated before 2000 since they're - well - not technically of the 21st century.
Though Mal is my personal favorite, I would say that Buffy is the most iconic - she's had the most impact to the world in general. You'd be hard pressed to find even a non genre fan who doesn't know who Buffy is.

Brinderwalt - do you think they don't count even if they show was still on in/past 2000? I'd say they do since they were on and therefore still a part of the media landscape in the 21st century. I guess it depends on how strictly you take the "of" since they did originate before the century in question. *shrug*
Some of the characters on that list were a bit puzzling. I mean Claire from Heroes? Really?

And their definition of sci-fi is getting looser by the month! I found voting a bit hard cus really I would like to vote for Buffy but she isn't sci-fi to me so how could she be the face of it? If we're going sci-fi I would have to pick The Doctor.

I did in the end vote for Buffy though, like Saje says this is SFX, the Doctor will probs win anyway. Hopefully the Buffster can get second place.
SF can refer to speculative fiction, or science fiction AND fantasy.
Yes I know, but the poll specifically states science fiction, not sf, well at least it does on the actual poll bit which is what I was reading. I see that on the intro page it does broaden the category.

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