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April 02 2011

Charmingly Gonzo "Super" lives up to its name. Fun review of James Gunn's latest, with favorable mention of Nathan Fillion's role.

If the trailer is any indication, Ellen Page did indeed "steal the show". Anyone see this yet?
Yes, I've seen it. Apart from everything else about the film, why did Mr. Gunn feel the need to have multiple characters use the word "gay" as a synonym for "stupid"? I will say that Nathan Fillion is truly hilarious.
It tries to be fairly realistic (aside from there being no legal repercussions to the extreme violence), and is sorta funny for the first half. Then the characters devolve into sociopathic killers. I'm not sure if the point was that that would happen to anyone. But there are no lessons learned. No moral to the story.

I mostly went to see it for Nathan Fillion, but he was only in three short scenes.
Eddie- I think that IS the point. A vigilante is by definition someone who operates outside the law so their moral compass STARTS skewed. Essentially (even if they feel justified or we construct circumstances to justify them) you have someone who feels it is appropriate to wield force (and in some cases deadly) because they know better than the rest of society. That, already removed from society's laws (like criminals), they would slip into full blown anti-social behavior actually seems more likely than the idea of a benevolent protector.

To me, there is a moral to that story. The very idea that an individual can deliver justice single handed to a society is at best an adolescent fantasy kept in perspective or at worst a cancerous cynicism of society that will allow someone to justify anything because "society can't handle this." And once you're down that road, is there anything you can't justify?
azzers, have you seen "Super"? I would have felt better if the film had a coherent point of view, but it seemed like it wanted us to see the main character as someone who is pathetic and delusional and yet also as someone who is effective and righteous (that is, doing the right thing). I think it may actually be possible to combine those elements and have it work, but it needs different handling. IMHO, of course.

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